Sister of the Year

I am nominating myself for ” Sister of the Year”.  My sister texted me in a panic one night that the planned caregiver for her dog had backed out and she was having an anxiety attack about what to do with Reggie. She was temporarily homeless and needed to find a home for her dog- STAT!

She wasn’t asking me to take him because she knew that I don’t do dogs, cats, or animals in general. You could chalk up my dislike for animals to the fact that I am allergic to them or that I got bit by a dog on my 5th grade paper route and have been wary ever since. Or it could just be that I am cold, lazy, heartless, selfish and a titch OCD. Either way, she knew I wasn’t a viable candidate to take Reggie.

But this was my sister’s dog, and she lost her little boy to pneumonia earlier in the year and I couldn’t let her lose her dog too. So I volunteered to take Reggie. She was shocked, and she knew that taking her dog, is a true act of love on my part.

I guess that doesn’t make me “Sister of the Year”, but just a sister.

P.S. So help me if I end up loving this shaggy little guy at the end of these two months.

2 thoughts on “Sister of the Year”

  1. You are the sister of the year, because there is no way in #@%$ I would ever do this. You deserve a gold star. Thanks for being that kind of sister. Love ya

  2. Ha! I knew whose dog that was just by the picture. Something about Reggie reminds me the man of the house. That’s right~ I think he looks like Tyler………………..Your bloggie is looking so beautiful by the way! And I cried when I read that letter from your mom. It took me right on back to YW. I so looked up to you then you smart little thing!

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