Why Raising Lemons?

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When I was 15, I attended a church activity where parents were asked to bring an item that represented their daughters. All the other parents brought flowers- roses, daisies, and tulips- for their beautiful, delicate daughters. Not my mom, she brought a LEMON- yes, a lemon- to represent me.

Was she calling me a piece of junk? Was I sour? I was mortified and just wanted to be a flower like every other girl. Then she read the letter she wrote explaining her lemon choice. She noted that the lemon stands out amongst all the fruit because it is the brightest. The lemon cleans, and preserves, and takes away foul odors. Plus it makes a refreshing drink and yummy desserts.

By the end of the letter, I wasn’t sure if I was more proud of my mom- for being thoughtful- or me- for being a lemon. Now I am raising my own kids with the hope that they will be lemons too.

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