Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day

Preparations for St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Clean the house. Just so the Leprachauns can mess it up again. They usually turn our milk green, stack our DVDs, hide our backpacks, turn over our table chairs, and leave a shamrock confetti mess wherever they’ve been. This year they might even turn our toilet water green, turn our pictures upside down or unfold all our blankets. At my neighbor’s house the Leprachauns hide the kids shoes and then fill them with candy. We have yet to catch those pesky little buggers. I can’t decide if the excitement and laughter in the morning balance the mess we have to clean up that night.

2. Paint the girls’ fingernails green.

3. Get my kids’ treats ready. Last year it was a little note that read: “I am lucky to be your mom” with a pot of Rolos. This year it will be some chocolate gold coins with a note that says, “You are worth more than gold.”

4. Find a new green shirt to wear since my fashion-designer sister forced me to donate my old one that I had worn for the last 4 St. Patrick’s Days. She said it was out of style, or ugly, or something. Now I wish I would have kept it because I would rather be tacky than be pinched!

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  1. Lindsey Erickson

    Thanks for the ideas! I was just thinking tonight…what am I going to do for St. Patrick’s Day??? Now I know! Thanks! You are so creative 🙂 Now I better get cleaning my house so they can even notice that the leprachaun visited!

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