The Resurrection on Trial

I taught a lesson on the Resurrection last Sunday to two different classes. In both classes we had a mock trial- calling eye witnesses to the stand- to prove that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened. The lesson to the 12&13 year old boys and girls was a flop, but the lesson to the 14&15 year old girls was a spiritual success. I’m not exactly sure why one lesson went so wrong and one went so well, but regardless, I think the format of this lesson came to me through inspiration. My friend borrowed it for extended family home evening and said, “It went awesome. It was a spiritual experience.” So it can work great for adults too. This lesson does require …


The Gospel is the Curriculum

Many times over, as I have worked with my kids, the thought has settled over me, “The gospel is the curriculum.” Most recently was this Saturday as I helped Locke prepare a talk for church. His topic was “Respect,” and we brainstormed what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like. Then Chad told him a childhood story where he showed respect to his father. Locke went to the computer to write up his talk. I sat next to him and paid bills as he typed the talk all by himself. He summarized the story using his own words. I helped him with spelling, punctuation, grammar and story development. We touched on paragraphing, apostrophes, capitalizing proper nouns, and comm…


Humanity or Hypocrisy?

I’ve made several mistakes lately. One cost me money; one cost me peace, and one cost me my daughter’s respect. In the last scenario, I said something I never should have said. My 12-year old son was busting a gut at my inappropriate comment– so there’s your gauge for my sarcastic remark’s maturity and virtue. I immediately realized my error and looked my daughter in the eye and clearly stated, “I am sorry.”  In fact, I said it three times as she continued to yell at me. I didn’t just say, “Sorry” in a defensive tone. I made sure my apology was a full sentence that took full responsibility with no disclaimers or excuses. Well, my da…


Lessons from a Tomato Cage

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You probably know us as Mormons.  Well, our religion has a lot of rules.  We don’t drink alcohol or coffee; we don’t smoke or do drugs, and we don’t have sex until after marriage. We don’t shop on Sunday, and we donate 10% of our income to our church– just to name a few. Sometimes people think that we are caged– that all of these rules are restrictive–that these commandments contain us and hold us back–but we believe that these rules actually bring us freedom. Having been previously married to an addict, I deeply “get” how ones choices can cause bondage.  And therefore, I…


Social Courage

I got a text from my daughter the other day that said, “I’m frustrated!” It was Homecoming Week at the high school and the students were supposed to dress up every day. Monday was Heber Hillbilly day. Elle wore overalls, two braids, a bandana, and modified cowboy boots. She showed school spirit, but she also looked cute. According to Elle, hardly anybody else had dressed up, and she was upset by the lack of school spirit. Hence the emotional text. Her experience and our conversation that day reminded me of a blog post that I wrote a couple of years back but never posted. Since the “dress-up struggle” still continues, I thought I would finally post the draft. ***…


Law of Compensation

There is a law in heaven called “The Law of Compensation.” I discovered and named it myself back when Chad was a Bishop in our church, and I was reminded of it again this weekend. The law basically states that when you are doing all you can do, in the best way you know how, God will step in and fill in the gaps. Using His various methods and tools, he will make whatever needs to happen, happen. Stately simply: When you give Him time; he gives it back. This weekend was jam packed full of good, worthwhile activities, but way too many to be able to juggle. I woke up Saturday morning with a burden on my shoulders and sense of anxiety about how I was going to do it all. One son had a …


Attune to The Voice

I gave a lesson in church at the beginning of the month on personal revelation that included a homemade vintage T.V. I  posted the T.V. on my Instagram @raisinglemons. Some ladies wanted me to share my lesson so I thought I would type it up here. The lesson was from the May Come, Follow Me curriculum on Prophets and Revelation. It fits best with the lesson titled How Do I Receive Personal Revelation? but I took some liberties. You could also teach it for a Family Home Evening lesson. The whole lesson was inspired by the video, “Voice of the Spirit,” and a Girls’ Camp I planned a few years ago. I’m going to outline how I would teach the lesson if I were to do it a seco…


Back Home

My 6th grade son, Crew, starting asking me back in December if he could come home again for homeschool. (He opted to go to back to public school last Fall.) At first I didn’t even consider his request because, I ain’t going to lie, having him gone was sometimes easier than having him home. I kind of like my space and my quiet and my freedom. But as time went on, I warmed up to the idea of him coming home. My mind started to process all that we could do together again. Ideas started to flow and I could see myself bringing him home. My daughter, who is currently homeschooled, even came up to me and said, “Mom, if Crew comes home we could read this book together!” She wa…

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