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Homeschooling Highlights

I homeschooled all four of my kids last year and it sorta kicked my butt. Some days were straight out of a dream and a few days were out of a nightmare. However, most days were somewhere in between. Through all our time together we had some wonderful highlights.

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Dad’s Role in Our Homeschooling

Homeschooling was a joint decision between my husband and me. We decided together, and we are in it together.
He knows I do more of the daily schooling and a lot of the work and pressure falls on my shoulders, but he is willing to help in any way he can. Besides working hard everyday to provide for our needs and our wants (and our field trips), dad helps with the following in our homeschool:

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Homeschooling Hybrid

I’ve always believed in responding to the needs of each individual child, each year — not wholly picking homeschool or public school as THE right way. So this year as I looked at our school year and assessed the needs of the family, including mine, I came up with a plan…

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W and X Week

We have acutally finished Letter of the Week around here but just haven’t taken the time to get all the photos compiled and posted. I am a person who tries to finish what she starts even if it is way late, so here is W and X week:

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U and V Week

Yep, I am doubling up letters.   The last 6 of the alphabet don’t really deserve an entire week to themselves anyway. Do they?  Plus I have been fizzling out and want to expedite this letter adventure so we don’t end up into summer.  Also, it takes a lot of creativity…

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T Week

I wasn’t planning on doing a letter this week. But as we started the week, Croft used her magic touch. She tweaked and twisted our regular schedule and turned the week into T week!

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