It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet…

It’s a Pillow Pet! As much as I hate myself for buying all of my kids Pillow Pets for Christmas, they actually came in handy on our recent trip.

1. The Pillow Pets took up less room in the car than your average bed pillow.

2. You know how you have to fold your pillow in half anyway in the car, well the Pillow Pet is already folded in half. They worked great as a car pillow.

3. And my personal favorite: They secured nicely on each suitcase handle so the kids could manage both their pillows and their suitcases. Anything I don’t have to carry is a plus.

Pillow Pet

Due to heavy use, I had to wash the Pillow Pets when I got home, and they actually held up fine. Now I am not suggesting you run out and buy a Pillow Pet, but I had to apologize to ladybug, penguin, dolphin, and panda for cursing their names Christmas morning.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet…”

  1. Ashlee Erickson

    Love this idea – it is so great and I never thought of them being so handy! Keep the ideas coming cuz I’m gonna need them come July! 🙂

  2. My husband is an Airline Pilot for a Major U.S. Airline. He was commenting just the other day on how it seems like every child under the age of 12 if carrying around a Pillow Pet when he seems them in the airport and on the planes. Sometimes he even sees kids with more than one! They make WONDERFUL traveling companions and are so easy to clean should they get dirty.

    They make wonderful presents for the holidays!

  3. Stephanie nicole D.

    I love this idea. But eventhough it’s not my buisness why did you curse there Pillow pets names on christmas. Were you mad or exited that the children got them.

  4. I am 12 years old and they still are a big thing in middle school. Its not something you think as lame, you think of it as cool, you try to see if you can get more pillow pets than your friend. I am in 7th grade, and all my friends love them! I have a unicorn and its awesome! I would highly reccomend them

    1. omg i have a ladybug and a turtle and they are amazing i am in 7th grade and im turning 13 in may. in middle scholl if you have pillow pets then you are awesome in middle school and they are so cool. everyone in middle school thinks so. who ever came up with pillow pets is amazing and i love pillow pets they are amazing and i want moreee!!!!

  5. We also found, during a 16hr car drive, that you can secure them around the shoulder strap of the seat belt. Unlike a regular pillow the will slip around when against the window, the Pillow pet stayed perfectly in place right by your shoulder. No more stiff neck after a car ride. After I had to beg and plead with my kids to let me borrow one of them, it made me want my own!

  6. These are adorable! I only have mini ones, but agreed. They do come in handy. I just opened my second one as a birthday gift: A frog one! My other one was a purple hippo.

  7. I’m in college and I love my penguin pillow pet! I use it for everything! Sometimes I use it as a pillow, lap desk, leg rest, etc. I’m hoping to get a mini one soon. It would be nice to have one to fit I my bag!

  8. I own two of them i am 23 years old and i love them cuz pillows hurt my head and this is one pillow that dont and when i go any where i bring them with me on long drives and i snuggle with them at night after i had my kid cuz it was so soft and did not hurt me at all thank you the makers of the pillow pets for making me be able to sleep at night again

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