Signs of Summer

We are definitely in the thick of summer around these parts.  Besides BBQs, beach towels, late nights, watermelon and popsicles, here are a few tell-tale signs it is summer at our house:

Rainbow of Waterbottles

I have loved our color coded water bottles this summer. (More about color coding your kids here.  One of the best ways to make your parenting life easier, in my opinion.)

The kids fill up their water bottles each morning (it is actually one of their chores) and they drink from them all day.  An assigned water bottle eliminates lots of dirty cups around the house, and it help me to know who is drinking and who is at risk for dehydration.  The goal is to finish the water bottle by the end of the day.  Then I wash them once the kids go to bed.

Pops of Red, White and Blue

I like to add a few pops of red and blue around my house during the summer time.  I figure the colors are applicable from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I don’t overhaul the house, but just change out a few accessories, like my book stash.

My doorstep needed some pops of color as well so I made a navy blue striped door mat.  I used a doormat from IKEA, navy blue spray paint and blue painters tape.  It came together in about 15 minutes and gave me just the subtle patriotism I wanted.

Chore Charts

It wouldn’t be summer at my house with out chore charts strewn all over the kitchen table.  See, my kids can’t just check off a box with a pencil and call it good.  Each chore chart becomes an elaborate art project and therefore markers, crayons, and colored pencils have to come out as well.

I think oil pastels were even used once.  I’m not complaining though.  The kids are rocking the chores this summer and if it takes an art project to get them done, I’m okay with that.

Sunscreen Everywhere

My sunscreen situation this summer has been a little ghetto.  I have way too many random bottles and I refuse to buy any nice, new bottles until we have used every last drop of what we have.  All of them are just thrown in a plastic bag that I find laying around the house in different places. How and where do you guys store your sunscreen anyway?

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I left some facial sunscreen in the bathroom this summer.  The hope was that my older kids would apply it when they brushed their teeth in the morning.  I bought the kid safe kind in case they get it in their eyes. We are still working on forming this habit, but my goal is to shift the sunscreen responsibility from me to them.

Treats and Sweets

Elle has taken to bakin’ this summer and cookies are her go to. As I type this, she is delicately arranging her homemade Oreos on a platter.  She is getting pretty good, and I let her bake as much as she wants as long as she cleans up her mess.  Her new found talent isn’t helping my diet at all, but the kids sure do love it.

We had two new 7-11 stores open around here recently and despite my initial protests, Chad has gotten everyone hooked on Slurpees.  Pina colada, banana and wild cherry for me please.   Here is a fun shot from Chad’s phone while I was at Girls Camp.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  How do you know it is summer at your house?

2 thoughts on “Signs of Summer”

  1. I did similar chore charts last summer, and it worked perfectly for my kids. This year, we got off to a bad start due to mom & dad going away for the first week of summer. While it was great for mom and dad, we came home to kids who were used to going out and doing something fun every day, and playing most of the day long.

    It’s now mid-summer for us. We’ve been doing chores here and there, but not really regular, and we have all suffered for it.

    Made and printed up some chore charts just now, and we’re going to end this summer much better than we started it. (The only time it’s too late to start, is when it never starts).

    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement post!

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