Crew’s Baptism Photo Shoot

One of our big events this summer was Crew’s Baptism.

A week before his Baptism, we did a photo shoot with Crew in his church clothes.   I wanted to have some pics for his invite and some for my office.  And I think it is important to document my kids at life’s crossroads. Plus I did a big 8 year old photo shoot with Elle and wanted to make sure Crew didn’t get jipped.

My friend, Tiffany, with Adore Photography took the pictures for us.  She did a great job.  Here are some of our favorites:

(Crew’s shoes were too tight so he wanted me to carry him around the field.)

A few notes:

  • I’ve gotten the question, “Why not a suit for his baptism?”  To know Crew is to know the answer.  He is not a suit kid and I don’t think he needs to be.  I am lucky to get a button up shirt on him and a tie.  Socks and shoes are sometimes even optional.
  • I’ve also gotten the question, “How did you get him to wear that?”  My answer is “He wanted to.”  But to be clear he wouldn’t wear just any bow tie or any color pant.  He got to choose what colors and patterns he felt comfortable with.
  • The glasses are fake – just a fun trend right now that Crew enjoys.
  • Crew’s grandma made the bow ties.  He went fabric shopping with me and picked out the plaid pattern.
  • I got the pants at the JCrew outlet.  I needed a way to add some color to a potentially pretty blah outfit.
  • We did some shots with the Book of Mormon because Crew read the book last year on his own.  I am pretty proud of his efforts and wanted him to remember what he did at such a young age.
  • He’s a ham.
  • And I love him.

Now I just need to decide which one to print on a 16 x 20 canvas for my office????

5 thoughts on “Crew’s Baptism Photo Shoot”

  1. Love that you encourage him to have his own style!!! My vote is to print the third one down, but they are all great!

  2. Seriously cute boy. Seriously cute pictures. Man a live I love his style. Thanks for all your great blog posts.

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