Quick to Complain

When we got our tent assignments at Philmont Scout Camp, I was quick to complain. (It didn’t help that I was coming off a 20 hour car drive with a screaming toddler.  Plus we arrived 3 hours late and missed dinner.)  Our tents were on the very end of the tent city and our doors opened to the parking lot.  I was worried about keeping Locke out of the road and the cars waking him up.  I thought, “Whomever was in charge didn’t think this through.”  I was also a little bummed to be on the fringe of the community instead of right in the middle of all the action.

The next day was over 90 degrees and since it was Sunday, we spent most of the day by/in our tents reading, playing, napping, etc.  I had no idea people were suffering from the heat all day until I heard everyone talking at dinner. It wasn’t until someone mentioned how lucky we were to get assigned tents in the shade, that I realized our tents were even in the shade.  There were trees in front of our tent and trees in back.  Later another person saw me walking to my tent and said, “Oh, you are one of the lucky ones to get the shade.” (And we had a concrete slab leading up to our tent.)

Since I hadn’t explored camp yet, I didn’t realize that most of the other tents were just out in the middle of a dry field exposed to the hot sun with no trees around them.  Plus they didn’t have a concrete entry, but rather dust and dirt right at their door.

I felt kind of sheepish knowing I had mentally complained about my tent location when it was actually primo real estate.  It also turned out that Locke never went near the parking lot and it wasn’t noisy at all.  Plus we needed to be away from people so that Locke’s crying wouldn’t bother anyone.  We sat under our tree many a time and enjoyed the cool of the shade. The man in charge of tent assignments knew exactly what he was doing.

Maybe next time I will be slow to complain and quick to see the blessings that are mine.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear and see more pictures from your trip! This sounds like it is going to be a vacation to remember for your fam!

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