Fun Lunches

Motherhood is a series of boring tasks repeated over and over again- like making lunch. Here are a few ways to turn a mundane task into something a little more fun for moms and the kiddos:


My kids love toothpick lunches. I chop up lunch meat, apples, pickles and cheese into bite size chunks. Then I give the kids a toothpick and they are in heaven. They like to make a variety of shish kabobs. I also usually serve crackers with this lunch.  I love compartmentalized plates for toothpick lunches or you could save Lunchable containers and use those.


Serve foods that start with the same letter. P is an especially easy letter to work with: pepperoni pizza, peaches, pears, pineapples, peppers, pasta, peas, and peanut butter are all kid friendly foods.


Serve foods that are all the same color. An “Orange Lunch” is the easiest for me to do because I usually have all the food on hand. I serve macaroni, carrots, oranges, and if I am really feeling generous, orange juice. Of course, it is fun to serve it on the same colored plates too (but it is hard to come up with that many of the same color).


A picnic lunch is always fun and all it takes is eating on the floor or outside with a blanket.  You could serve lunch in a paper bag or in a lunch box and you’ve got a picnic too.


Another fun lunch is to have  imitation Kids’ Meals.  Pack a lunch in a sack marked with your family restaurant’s name.  Make sure to include a small toy from the Dollar Store or Oriental Trading.  Afterall, the toy is what makes a Kids’ Meal special.


I found a blog that goes all out for Fun Food Friday.  Jill makes beautiful, artistic pictures with food. If you are feeling extra ambitious or creative, you can check out the blog for a different food plate idea every Friday.


I like Jill’s idea of designating Friday as Fun Food Friday.  I think I want to do this just for the summer.  My lunches most likely won’t be as artistic or elaborate as hers, but I will tweak lunch just a little so that my kids feel like at least lunch on Friday was fun and different.

3 thoughts on “Fun Lunches”

  1. Angela Redding

    Remember dads leftover Sunday meal idea? He would rename all the food some crazy thing like…exploding volcano (mashed potatoes and gravy) or witches brains (spaghetti) and then he would put it all down in menu type form. He would then pretend to be a waiter and have us order off the menu. We loved it. Somehow the food tasted better, not like leftovers. We were fed and happy,the leftovers were gone, and dad got brownie points with mom. I still love this idea and try it now and again with my kids. I am just not as creative as dad with renaming the food. I’ll work on that. Just food for thought. 🙂

    1. Ang, this idea deserves it’s own blog post so I didn’t want to throw it in with these others. But yes! I remember and we do it here too.

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