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I am excited to let you know that I am teaming up with another blogger and she just happens to be one of my old 5th grade students.  Kelsie is now married, going to college and studying graphic design, and has her own blog (Yes! I am that old).  We both enjoy blogging and are going to put our talents together to give our readers more.  Who knew that teacher and student would one day be peers?

Kelsie is helping me with some of my photography and also with some of the graphic design ideas for my blog posts.  When I come up with an idea for a post, she will help it come to life.  For example, on a St. Patty’s day post I left my kids a ghetto note that said, “I am lucky to be your mommy” using construction paper and a sharpie. But now she will design the note for me (and you!) and give me (and you!)  free printables over on her blog.  Yeah!  Just remember to thank her if you use the graphics- please.

Our first joint effort will be Friday on a Tooth Fairy post.   Hope you enjoy!

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