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As I mentioned in a previous post, my nephew, Beck, died a year ago last Saturday.  We wanted to commemorate his one year “Angel Day” with something special.  We decided to spend April’s Service Saturday at the cemetery where he is buried.  My sister really struggled to bury him there because she didn’t feel like it was well kept, but it was still the best choice for their family at the time.  We knew that we could help make the cemetery prettier for Beck and his mom.

I called the cemetery and made arrangements  for Becks’ family and extended family to plant flowers in the flower beds in the main entrance.

I underestimated the job.  The beds were bigger than I thought and they were full of weeds.  Luckily, we would do anything for Beck.  Everyone worked really hard and we spent a good two hours pulling weeds, turning over dirt, digging, raking, and did I mention pulling weeds?

Some did more ‘worm’ ing than working….

These two slackers just goofed off and watched most of the time:

After lots of work, we were finally able to plant flowers.

There was a feeling of accomplishment as the beds looked so much better than before. My sister expressed thanks and explained that it means so much to grieving families to have a beautiful place for their loved ones to rest.  I will say that service never felt better.  I found joy in working with my family on such a special day for a such a special cause.  I think we may have just started a tradition.

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  1. Reading this gave me chills…what a wonderful idea. It looks just beautiful. What a great service to the community and your sweet sister.

  2. Loved your sweet post about Beck. What a great idea for family service. Love the family picture…wish we were there to help. It’s times like these that I miss that we aren’t closer. 🙁

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