Thrifty Thursdays

One of my sub-goals for the new year is to STRENGTHEN finances.

I chose to strengthen this area because we are trying to save a lot of money so we can get into a home we really want.  And also waste and overabundance is actually starting to make me sick to my stomach.

To save money and form better habits, I decided to do one small act of thrift a day.

To be clear, to me thrift does not mean being cheap or stingy or never buying anything nice again.  And I am not talking about extreme couponing kind of thrift (there are plenty of better blogs for that) or DIY craft projects kind of thrift (again, better blogs for that).

Rather to me thrift just means looking for small ways to save money (and the planet).   In fact the definition of thrift is “The quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.”  I love that thrift is called a quality and the definition transcends money and goes on to resources as well.

Thrift could just mean passing the Target dollar bins empty handed or putting the empty paper towel roll in the recycle box or making do with the scrapbook paper I already have. Some days I might save $100; some days I might save just 1 cent, but at least I am saving.  And I am being thrifty.

I decided that if I announced my thrift intent on my blog I would hold myself more accountable and do a better job.  I will record my thrifty efforts on my blog on Thursdays- hence Thrifty Thursdays. And if any of you have great thrifty ideas, let me know and maybe we could work out a guest post or something.

I am excited and scared to be thrifty (I kind of like spending money and throwing things away.)  I hope you will not judge my small efforts as we are all on different rungs of the ‘thrift’ ladder.  My goal is not to get to the top, but just to move up a step or two.

Today I am off to the thrift store, to drop off another load.  Thrift for the day. Check.

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursdays”

  1. I appreciate that you are using the word THRIFTY instead of CHEAP. And I love that you explained how different the word thrifty actually is because of the word quality. Thank you!
    We just recently had Christmas and I just had a birthday and I received clothes which I wanted and a camera which I wanted and needed.
    When I returned home with my new clothes, I was embarrassed. I didn’t need new clothes. So my first way of being thrifty was taking clothes I didn’t wear off their hanger and into a bag to donate. I did this before I allowed myself to wear the new clothing item. And until I actually need a new clothing item (or as long as I can use self control) I will avoid those stores that I love and those online sales that suck me in. And like you… If I say it out loud I am now accountable for my actions.

  2. What helps me when I’m out shopping is I ask myself, “Do I NEED this?” 9 out of 10 times I don’t.

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