Birthday Compliments Reborn

We had a birthday tradition in the Stenson home.  I am not sure when it started, but I remember it for sure in my college and early married days the most.  My mom would have us go around the table and we all had to compliment the birthday girl or boy.  You were never comfortable, but it was nice to hear nice things about you.

All was going well until 2 brother-in-laws complained enough about the tradition (one being my husband). And since my mom likes her daughter’s husbands more than she likes her daughters (you would too), the BILs complaining won out.  The birthday compliment tradition was kiboshed.

Well, I am not as easily swayed by Chad as my mom is, so I decided to rebirth the tradition for my little family.  Like I have mentioned before, I feel it is very important for siblings to see the good in each other and this birthday compliment is a great place to start.

We brought birthday compliments back at Croft’s birthday.

Mom said Croft was grateful (and elaborated).

Dad said Croft was smart (and elaborated).

Crew said Croft was pretty, “not prettier than mom though” (his words).

Elle said Croft was crazy in a good way.

Croft’s eyes lit up as she heard us praise her and she couldn’t hold back a smile.

Crew came up with the idea that we should give compliments at breakfast because that is when we are all together (eating donuts).  Chad is on board and birthday compliments are officially reborn!

(Yeah! because my birthday is next…)


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