We moved into our new home 2 weeks ago today.  And the world did not stop for me to unpack.  Can you believe it?

Elle started a science fair experiment, Locke got sick, Chad went out of town, Croft had a birthday, and I helped host  a baby shower, which means I am not as far along in the unpacking process as I wanted to be today.  But I am happy with where I am because I have made progress every single day.

While my office still looks like this:

I do have a table centerpiece thanks to a recent windstorm.

The kids’ bedrooms are starting to come together.

My linen closet is organized.

I have at least one piece of wall decor hung.

My mantle feels festive.

And I can park in my garage!

I have made progress every single day.  And isn’t that all it is about?

Whether it be just 1 lost pound, 1 read chapter, 1 more dollar saved, 1 new vegetable,  1 more kind word, or 1 unpacked box; life is really just about making progress.

5 thoughts on “Progress”

    1. Erin, this is the cutest thing I own and that is why it went up first. I got it at Anthropolgie. It wasn’t cheap, but I a letter is timeless and meaningful.

    1. At Wal-Mart in the storage organization section. They are great for maximizing space. I have some in my pantry and laundry room too.

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