The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has gotten a lot of action at our house lately.   My son lost both his front teeth on the same day.  (Let’s just say he is a zealous wiggler.) Then he & Elle both lost the same bottom tooth a couple weeks later.

We kept losing teeth under the pillow and in the carpet, so I finally bought 3×4 organza pouches that have a drawstring.  I  wanted the teeth to be able to go under a pillow,  stay safe, and look pretty.   You can usually find the pouches in the wedding section of any craft store.  I also saw design your own tooth monster pillows and DIY  tutorials on teeth pouches on the internet, but this was easier.

The pouches went under the pillows and the next morning we woke up to screams of excitement.  Apparently we had a letter from the Tooth Fairy.  Her name was Tabitha.  (Elle was most excited that she dotted the I in her name with a little tooth.)  Tabitha explained that our old TF was transferred to Texas. (Probably due to poor performance. She had been known to forget more than once and multiple days in a row.)

Our new Tooth Fairy does things a little differently.  She took the tooth and then left 3 fifty cent pieces.  She explained in the letter that 1 coin was for saving, 1 was for charity and 1 was for spending.  Coins seem more fairy-ish and just enough different than a dollar bill to make it feel special.   There is also a gold coin dollar if your TF wants to leave more money.

The Tooth Fairy also left a little note.  My friend over at Love, Kelsie Rae made up free printables for the TF that will fit nicely into the 3 x 4 pouch.  Our TF glittered the tooth to add some fairy flare.

Finally, the new Tooth Fairy left a little fairy trail with glitter, wrapping filler, and confetti.  She went with all things iridescent because the shimmery, pinkish white is so ‘teeth’ and ‘tooth fairy’.  A color scheme of silver, gold, white, light pink, or light blue would work too.

Since losing teeth is a little unpredictable, I  bet the tooth fairy takes a little supply kit  with her wherever she goes.  That way she has all the supplies and coins in one spot.  She probably has a bunch of cards made up and extra coins so she doesn’t have to make last minute stops to the bank or craft store.   Maybe she has some extra pouches made up too, so she can just slip the tooth pouch out and slip the money/note pouch in.   After all, she has to be fast and sneaky as not to wake the kids.  The supply container might look something like this (or it could just be in a shoebox):

Crew claims he has another wiggley tooth.  If he gets this one out, I am not sure how he will eat his ham sandwiches? I guess he doesn’t care, he just wants The Tooth Fairy to visit again.

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  1. We must have the same Tooth Fairy. She has been coming to our home a couple of years now. We love the little bags that help keep everything contained, both the drop off and the pick-up. She has also been known to leave a new mini tube of toothpaste or a fun little book. We love it!

  2. I am just really glad that a new Tooth Fairy has taken over the very busy job at the Erickson house hold! I am sure Crew and Elle are loving the new change. Give my best regards to the new and improved TOOTH FAIRY!!!

  3. Love, the tooth fairy note. Love this Kelsie gal you’re working with. Once we were at our family cabin in Island Park. My oldest son Preston (whom Tiffany taught….yea) lost a tooth. It took the tooth fairy 3 days to find him.

  4. Tabitha Tooth Fairy

    Lovely ideas … but hey, check out the real Tabitha Tooth Fairy! She will do all the work for you.

    1. Wow! My husband and I just made up the name one night in bed. I had no idea there really is a Tabitha the Tooth Fairy. Thanks for sharing your fun website.

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