Service Saturdays Want You!

I have been thinking about this “Service Saturdays” idea and I really want to get other families involved! So I’ve decided to feature other families participating in Service Saturdays on my blog.  Every Saturday  I will post your pictures and write-ups about your families service projects- kinda like a little guest blogger spot.

Pick one project that was most memorable, where you learned the most, were stretched the most, or had the most fun.  Tell us how you felt or what your kids learned or share a funny or insightful moment.   Make sure you take a few pictures as well.

If you want to be featured,  contact me through the “contact” button on my sidebar.  Then I will respond with my email where you can send me the following info:

  • Family name and email address
  • 1-3 high quality pictures (horizontal pictures work best)
  • a 150-300 word write up about your Service Saturday
  • A link to your blog (only if you want your post to link back to your blog)

I will compile your pics and text and  feature you one Saturday.  I do maintain the right to edit a bit, but it will mostly be your words. I will let you know when the post will be published.  Then make sure to share it on Facebook, your blog, and with friends.  Remember you can also grab my Service Saturdays button for your blog as well.

I think it will be fun, sweet, and interesting to see how other families serve.  Now who wants to be the first family to be featured on Raising Lemons’ Service Saturdays??  I’ve got a spot open next Saturday …. and every Saturday after that.


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