Kids’ Swim Bags

For the last few years I have been hauling around all the family’s swim stuff in one giant bag.  It was huge and heavy. But now it is time for me to say good-bye to my gray whale:

and hello to individual swim totes for the kids.  I found the totes at the Dollar Store and of course, they are color coded.

(My husband maintains that boys don’t carry totes, especially to the pool.  He says boys just wear their swim trunks and take their towels under their arms.  Fair enough. I guess we won’t be using the blue one.)

Inside the totes we put a towel, swim shirt, goggles, brush, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray, bandaids and a water bottle.  They can also put a change of clothes in a plastic sack.  Then the sack can be used to hold the wet swimsuit:

I should probably throw in some pool friendly snacks.   To get some ideas for healthy snack foods for the pool or beach click here.

Not only do I like that the kids are each responsible for their own tote, but when a friend calls them to go to the pool, I do not have to unpack my big swim bag in a hurry and try to put something together for them. They are set to go with their own swim bag.

Now that the totes are all ready, I just got to get the courage to get in a swimsuit.

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