Service Rocks!

Between a trip to Los Angeles, Girls Camp and Philmont Scout Camp, we didn’t get to a family Service Saturday in June.  Some months will be like that. Luckily, we happened to do two Service Saturdays in May.

We went to our Stake farm with several families and moved rocks from a huge field.   Our job was to pick up rocks bigger than our fists because the larger rocks kept tearing up the farm equipment.

This was the first Service Saturday where my kids kind of rebelled at first. They weren’t happy to be there and they were slow and whiny. It was like we were Service newleyweds and the honeymoon just got over.

I have 3 theories on why this service project did not go over as well as the others with the kids: 1. we woke them up early to go 2. we had served the week before so they were thrown off a bit 3. they couldn’t see who we were helping directly.

1.  The kids were legitimately tired and the late night before didn’t help attitudes.  I need to remember that kids are more sensitive to sleep than adults. (Or at least we know how to fake it better.)

2. We did two Service Saturdays in May.  The kids gotta learn that we can serve more than once a month.  We aren’t on a quota, but they were bummed about back to back Saturdays. (I kinda was too.)

3.  This was the first service where we weren’t personally connected or couldn’t see who we were helping.  Before we cleaned our church, planted flowers for our cousin, Beck, and babysat our neighbors, but this time we moved rocks for who knows who.  The kids weren’t attached at all to the results and they couldn’t see the immediate benefits.

Despite our bad attitudes (Chad excluded), we served and made lots and lots of rock piles so that machines could come through and pick up the piles. (I felt like we were in Holes but instead of digging holes, we were piling rocks.)

I am happy to report that once we got going and kept moving, the act of serving turned our attitudes around and in the end we were much better than when we started.  Moving heavy rocks, actually lightened our spirits.  Service can do that to you.

(Don’t forget I want to feature other families’ Service Saturdays.  Click here to find out the details to submit a post featuring your family’s service project.)


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