The Great Divide

The world is divided into runners and non-runners.  And it seems like more and more people are on the running side.   Everyone is doing a 5K, a half-marathon, a triathlon…except me.  I am on the non-running side of the great divide. I have never been a runner and I am pretty sure I never will be.  My disdain for running started back in Jr. High when I would get this crazy itch all over my body as we ran blocks in track.  I still get that itch. I also maintain that some bodies are built to run and some bodies aren’t.  Like I tell my husband, “You are moving limbs, honey; I am moving trunks.”  And then my sister (far left) goes and throws my whole theory off by running the hardest leg of a mountain pass relay (and kicked butt!)

Now don’t misread this post. I am proud of my sister (Go Ang!).  I admire runners.  I respect them.  My best friends from childhood run, my new adult friends run. Shoot, I even married a runner.  But I have wasted the better part of my life disappointed in myself that I don’t run.

Until last week… when I walked into my yoga class and had a self-acceptance moment.  I realized that I can still be a good person and not be a runner.  And just like singing isn’t the only talent, running isn’t the only exercise.  Sure, I’ll never win a beauty pageant talent show with my organizational skills, just like I will never win a race with yoga.  But as my yoga instructor says, “Set your intention for your practice,” I know I am in the right place, doing the right exercise, for my body, at the right time.

I am no longer going to feel bad when someone posts their Nike mileage on Facebook or pictures of their latest 5K.  I am still a good person.  I can cheer for the runners in my life, be excited for them, and encourage them, but I no longer will beat myself up because I cannot do what they do.  I do not have to be a runner to have worth.

9 thoughts on “The Great Divide”

  1. Thank you for this post. I tried picking up running last summer and my body just laughed at me. 🙂 I just don’t think it’s my thing. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time but maybe I should just try something different. Like yoga??

  2. Great post, Tiffany. Angela was telling me about it yesterday. I love running but I think it’s super trendy right now. The important thing is finding something that you love to do so that you will actually do it (and when I say “you,” I mean all of us).

  3. I feel the same as Charles Barkley: “I don’t run because it makes me tired and I don’t lift weights because they’re heavy.” 🙂 I just said to some friends the other day, when did running become the trendy thing to do? WTG on yoga though!

  4. Tiffany! I am, well WAS, one of those runners…I ran 2 half-marathons in the last 6 months…I hated every second of it and finally decided I was DONE!! No more…I am so done! I am on the other side…in awe of people who don’t. So I switched teams!!! I am done! I am on to new things!

  5. Amen! I always feel guilty/bad that I am not a runner too. I need to value the exercise I like. Thanks for the post.

  6. I know what you’re saying. I really want to be a runner too, but it probably won’t ever happen. Someday, I keep telling myself. But maybe I just need to accept the fact that I won’t be a runner. However, way to go Angela! Im

  7. I am a walker, and proud of it. I love walking, it makes me happy. Running hurts. And I get that awful itch too. Thanks for this post. We can all celebrate the individual that we are.

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