Resolutions Revisited

You’ve heard of Christmas in July. Well, how about New Year’s?  July 1st is half way through the year so I thought it was a perfect time  to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions (plus there are fireworks) and see how I am doing.

My theme for 2011 is “Less is More”.  Here are my New Year’s Resolutions and notes on my progress:

Less television, More time

(Didn’t watch DWTS, SYTYCD, or Bachelorette this season- still got sucked in to The Bachelor.)

Less technology; More time

(Failing miserably; my husband got me a lap top for Christmas and I started a blog; I really never had a chance did I? I have stuck to my Summer Motherhood Resolutions and haven’t been on my blog before lunch.)

Less eating; More energy

(One success: I’ve lost 25 pounds so far in 2011!!!! and I found out I am way deficient in magnesium so I have been on supplements and am doing much better energy wise.)

Less party planning; More playing

(I planned and hosted over 20 events in 2010; the only big thing I have planned this year was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Doing better here, but could still stand to play more.)

Less nagging, More natural consequences

(Depends on the day, see my To Clear or Not to Clear post if you wonder what I mean)

Now the experts might say I had way too many resolutions, but my theory is the more resolutions I set, the more likely I am to be successful at one.  (It is kind of why my mom had 10 kids.  At least one of us was bound to turn out, right?)

There are still 6 months to go in 2011 and still time to make progress in our New Year’s Resolutions.  Revisit them and resolve to try again.

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  1. Wow, you’re doing great! I hate New Year resolutions… I always fail miserably. Maybe I need to “revisit” mine. But then again this year I did have a baby and lIke you said the goal should be just to get through the year, right?

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