Feeling Blue

As many of you know my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 weeks ago.  (You can read about it in this post.) She has had surgery and is doing well.  Now she is just waiting to find out about radiation and chemo.

Through this trial,  she has had an out pouring of love from friends, neighbors, and family.  Every time I go visit her, there is another bouquet of fresh flowers or another plate of goodies on her counter.

Pink has been people’s color of compassion– pink flowers, pink kisses, and even a pink blanket.

But amongst all the pink, her one blue gift is what stuck out to me.  Her friend brought her a blue bag full of blue items and said “For when you are feeling blue.”    The gift bag had blue candy, a blue bracelet, blue tissue, and blue gum.

You could do also do a  blue book, blue mug, blue lotion, and/or blue socks.

I liked the “blue”  idea so much because I thought that it could apply to many different life scenarios and trials, not just cancer.  I wanted to have my own tag that I could print so I could do this gift if any of my friends ever needed it. So I had my friend, Kelsie, over at Love, Kelsie Rae, make up a free printable tag.  Click here to download the pdf and print the tags.

I love the chevron stripe and the ombre look (thanks Kelsie!), but I love even more the idea of cheering someone up when they are feeling blue.

And it just so happens that my new favorite treat, Dove Coconut Creme Eggs, are packaged in blue foil.  You can bet that a bag of these and this cute tag are going to make their way into someone’s home this Easter season.

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  1. what a cute idea! i may make up a bag for a postpartum gift for “if you’re having the baby blues”.


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