Wash It Out

Thrift doesn’t require grand acts of depravity or massive self-control.  Thrift can be done is simple, small ways.  One way I have tried to conserve and reduce this year is by washing items out that I might normally throw away and then reuse them.

For example,  I wash out plastic storage bags that have had minimal use.  (I don’t wash them out if they have held raw meat.)  I haven’t found a great way to dry them so if someone has a tip there let me know.

I wash out water bottles so we can use them over and over again.  Elle takes them to school; Chad takes them to work; Crew likes to drink them around the house; and we like to use them when we travel so we don’t have to buy more at a gas station.

I wash out sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese containers, etc and use them to transport food when I take dinner to other people.  I keep them in my ‘disposable’ supply basket.  They could also be used to store all kinds of stuff- from craft supplies to kids’ toys to dinner left overs.

And even some movie theaters are getting on board.  They are offering cups that you can buy for a little more money, but that you can refill each time you come in for a cheaper price.  According to our math, we would only have to reuse the cup once to make up our money.  So we bring it home from the movie theater and wash it out.

Washing out containers does take extra work, but I love the idea of less trash in the landfills and more money in my wallet.

3 thoughts on “Wash It Out”

  1. I am a “re-user” also! I wash my ziplocs by turning them all the way inside out, then washing them, then rinsing them. I keep them inside out and then stand them on a towel to dry (the zipper part is stiffer so it keeps them standing upright to dry). When they are all dry, I turn them right side out and they are ready to use.
    By bringing a meal to someone with “recycled” containers, it is an extra service–they don’t have to wash and return anything!

  2. I’ve heard people suggest putting your ziplocs onto chopsticks in a glass – not what I do, I just air mine as best I can on the basket in the dishwasher (my dishwasher should be called a dish dryer as I hand wash everything usuallY

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