Jellybean Prayer

I mentioned in this post last year that I think of Easter differently ever since my nephew, Beck, died.

I don’t care as much about eggs, bunnies, chicks and candies.  I care more about Jesus Christ.

So in honor of the true meaning of Easter, here is a little Easter family night lesson all about Jesus Christ.

All you need is some traditional jelly beans

and this Jellybean Prayer printable made up by my friend, Kelsie at Love, Kelsie Rae:

You can download and print a copy of the Jellybean Prayer and give one to each child.

I just plan on reading this poem with my children and then talking about what it means.  I hope to teach them different names for Jesus Christ as well, so they learn to associate and connect all the names with Him.  I broke down each line of the poem and assigned it a different title of Jesus Christ.

Red is for the blood he gave: LAMB OF GOD

A lamb was often sacrificed in the Old Testament.  Like a lamb, Jesus Christ was sacrificed on our behalf.  He gave his own blood.

Green is for the grass he made: CREATOR

Under the direction of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ created the earth.

Yellow is for the sun so bright: LIGHT OF THE WORLD

Jesus Christ literally lights the sun, moon, and stars. And figuratively, He lights the path which we should go.

Orange is for the edge of night: DELIVERER

When we are at our edge or at our darkest times, he can deliver us from pain, sorrow and sin.  He gives us hope.

Black is for the sins we made: ADVOCATE

We all sin and Jesus Christ is our advocate with the Father.

White is for the grace he gave: SAVIOR

Through the grace of Jesus Christ, we can be saved from our own sins.

Purple is for the house of sorrow: REDEEMER

Jesus Christ suffered and endured much sorrow so that we wouldn’t have to.  He already paid the price. He redeemed us through his grace.

Pink is for the new tomorrow: RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE

Because Jesus Christ was resurrected, we all will be resurrected too.  This gives us life and hope.

If you don’t want to do a whole family night with the jelly bean prayer, you could just make up a little gift bag for your neighbor or Sunday School class or put the poem in your child’s Easter basket with an egg full of jelly beans.

Either way, as Easter approaches this week, may we remember what it is really about.



5 thoughts on “Jellybean Prayer”

  1. Loved this- it made for a very wonderful and interactive FHE tonight. Thanks for all the time and thought you put into such things . . . it really is appreciated. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  2. Growing up, the Easter Bunny didn’t visit our house. My mom always said it was because she didn’t believe in him.
    My husband grew up with the Easter Bunny and wanted that for our kids. Each year I felt conflicted and wrong about having the bunny visit.
    One year, after a lot of talk, my husband agreed to try something different. (I assured him I would still buy him chocolate.) 🙂
    For FHE, we talked with the kids about what Easter is really about. Some how we got the kids to agree to write the Easter Bunny a note. It said something like this, “Dear Easter Bunny, Please hop on by. Our family is celebrating Christ.” And then we posted it on the front door.
    The next morning, and ever since then, the Easter Bunny has always “hopped on by”.
    We still do egg hunts, decorate eggs and eat candy, but we talk about Christ.
    A year or so after that, my kids started to regret the note they wrote, so I decided we had to not just take away, but replace. I found the book, “A Christ-Centered Easter” by Janet and Joe Hales.
    Now we have a Jerusalem dinner and do the “Easter in an Egg” tradtion.
    And the weird thing is…my kids actually look forward to eating goat cheese each year. 🙂
    I now love our Easter tradition and feel so much better about how we celebrate.
    Whew..sorry so long!

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