Something Old, Something New…for Easter

You’ve heard of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue for a wedding, but how about for Easter?  Here are 4 ways we will celebrate Easter this year:

Something Old: Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls have become an old Easter tradition for our family.  Not only are the rolls yummy, but they also teach doctrine about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a fun, kid friendly way.   We talk about different parts of the Resurrection as we tuck the marshmallow into the biscuit and add butter, sugar and cinnamon.   After the buns are cooked and cooled, the kids bite into the bun and the marshmallow is not there, just like Jesus was not in the tomb Easter morning.

photo courtesy of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

We made the rolls for a Family Night before Easter and we watched a video clip on Jesus Christ while the buns cooked.  Most families make them Easter morning  for breakfast to celebrate the empty tomb.  Click  here for the recipe, directions, and discussion for Resurrection Buns.

Something New: Egg Cups

I am new to egg cups and frankly, I am not even sure what to do with them.  But when I  found these darling little gals at TJ Maxx Home Goods in St. George, I couldn’t pass them up simply because they were cute.  Now I gotta figure out what to do with them.

Maybe I will use the egg cups as place holders at Easter brunch.  Or  maybe they will  be a cute display case for our colored eggs or maybe I will use them as vases for spring flowers on the Easter table.   I am so in love with the possibilities, I might just have to start a new collection.

photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Something Borrowed: Magical Jelly Beans

I borrowed this Easter tradition from Jill at Meet the Dubiens.   The children plant magical jellybeans in pots with Easter grass on Easter Eve.  The beans grow overnight and turns into lollipops.  The kids wake up to their own lollipop flower.  (I found some lollipops at Smith’s Marketplace for $1.) I am excited to see how the kids respond to this Easter idea.

photo courtesy of Jill at Meet the Dubiens

Something Blue: Easter Outifits

We always like to look our best Easter Sunday and this year we went with a blue theme.  Grandma Pam took us shopping which must be torture for her because I am picky yet indecisive, and my kids and I have different tastes.  Not a good combo.  In the end, we went with a deep blue sundress that Elle wanted.  The rest of the kids don’t care. Here’s the best photo I could pull together before actual Easter. (Remind me to get Crew a haircut this week!)

Happy Easter week!

5 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…for Easter”

  1. I might have to pick your brain about this in further detail for my YW’s lesson on sunday! Also the kids outfits look adorable and I am really happy with the color and theme that Elle chose!

  2. McKell (Brems) Callister

    You are so crafty! My mom pointed me to your website and I have to admit I check up on it now and again…and am always impressed with the SuperMOM you are! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us:)

  3. New to your blog. I was searching for Resurrection rolls image and your blog came up on the search! We did these for FHE on Monday and I forgot to take pics. I’ll link to your blog so they can get the explanation of what the rolls are and represent. My kids had a funny twist to them. Your children are adorable. So glad to find you! Have a blessed day!

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