Fell Off the Manners Wagon

Dinner was a bust.  The whole family, including me, fell off the manners wagon.   We literally broke every manner rule, we had learned up to this point.  I found it funny and depressing at the same time.  And to make matters worse, I do not have one picture to prove it.  You’ll just have to imagine the chaos at a recent dinner:

My son set the table and put the knife on the left and the fork on the right. (Manner #1)

It was half way through dinner before I noticed he was not wearing a shirt. (Manner #2)

Crew’s used and well-soiled napkin was sitting next to his plate throughout dinner. (Manner #3)

I was snacking as I asked my daughter to say the prayer. I was still chewing while the prayer was being said. (Manner #4)

Crew was half-standing, half-sitting to eat. (Manner #5)

We ate like pigs. (Manner #6)

There was no passing, serving, or waiting to eat.  It was every man for himself; we didn’t even wait for dad to get home.  (Manner #7 – #10)

Elle and Crew used their fingers (and just a little fork) to get the food to their mouths. (Manner #11)

Elle buzzed Crew loudly for using his fingers even though the Politeness Police were not invited to dinner. (Table Manners Review)

I caught myself with my elbows on the table many times, particularly when I was holding a glass. (Manner #14)

Halfway through dinner, our glasses were coated and dirty. ( Manner #15)

This botched dinner showed me that we have a long way to go, and although we may have learned our manners, we don’t always follow them.  The manners aren’t habits yet.  I also noticed that dinner was not as pleasant and relaxing and rewarding as when we do use our manners.   I want to get back on the manners wagon! Dinner is so much more enjoyable.

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