14 Days of Valentines

So remember how I kinda neglected my husband on Christmas. (See this post.)

Well, one of my readers, Marce, pointed out in the comments section: “Luckily Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…you have time for a re-do.”

Awwhh, shoot!  I thought I had a full year to pull myself together, but it turns out I only had 6 weeks.

So I set my mind to work on Valentine’s Day for my HUBBY.  (I still have no idea what I am doing for my kids.  But that is the order it should be, right?!) I saw a couple ideas on Pinterest of doing 14 days of Valentines for your hubby.  Click on the pictures to go to the actual websites.


These printables are all really cute and I loved the idea of 14 Days of Valentine’s, but I wasn’t sure if 14 snacks were really Chad’s thing?

This is when I decided to do “14 Days of Valentines”… but in my husband’s love language.  (Remember my blog series on love languages?)

I knew Chad’s love language was physical touch, but how was I going to come up with 14 different ways to incorporate touch without basically pimping myself out for 14 days?

Why couldn’t his love language be Words of Affirmation?  Then I could just write him a sweet note every day or 14 reasons why I love him or a mushy blog post.

Why couldn’t he value Service most? Service ideas are endless. I could fluff his pillow, bake chocolate chip cookies, wash his car, warm his towel, etc.   My Coupons by Cupid would come in handy here.

Or it would be easy to spend some Quality Time together in 14 different ways.  Go for a drive.  Watch TV together.  Sit by each other at dinner.  Visit him at work. I could even redo “Choose Your Own Date” and we could have a night of fun.

Even Gifts would be better than Physical Touch… I could just print out the 14 gift ideas above and call it good.

But Physical Touch in 14 different ways? I had to get thinking and get creative.

Here are the 14 different ways I came up with to show love through physical touch.  (My daughter and dad and hundreds of strangers read my blog so I used discretion when needed.)

1. Spin the bottle

2. Hold hands at the movie

3. Scratch back

4. Massage scalp

5. Spoon

6. Professional massage

7. Long kiss

8. Snuggle and watch favorite TV show

9. Yoga together

10. Chocolate chip cookies (o.k. not touch, but he loves my chocolate chip cookies so I had to throw them in there somewhere)

11. Play footsies at dinner

12. Make out session

13. 5 minute hug

14. Free choice

I decided I wanted to make a banner that could be displayed for the 14 days but that would also hold the 14 surprises.

So I bought 14 cute little gray chevron print sacks from Pebbles in my Pocket for 20 cents each.   They are 2″ x 4″.

I fancied up some mini clothespins with some spray adhesive and red glitter.

Then I cut out hearts to glue on the front of the bags.

I wrote the “physical touch” activities on gray paper cards.

I numbered the hearts 1-14, slipped the cards in, and put it all together.

I plan to clip the clothespins to some toole and hang the banner above our bed to add some Valentine decor to our room.

As I thought about what touch to assign to what day, I considered our schedules and the natural flow of our week.  And I am not above moving cards around as the week unfolds and schedules change.  Afterall, Chad doesn’t know what the next day says, right?

The 14 Days of Valentines turned out to be really cheap because we already had a movie gift card to use and Chad had a professional massage coming.  So I really didn’t have to buy much.  I think I spent a total of $5 on supplies for the banner.

I am proud of myself for putting my husband back at the top of the list and for giving him something that he would really want instead of a gift that I want to give.

Now I better start thinking about what I am doing for my kids…



11 thoughts on “14 Days of Valentines”

  1. Wow they turned out super cute! I think I’m going to do something like this. Thanks for the idea! I remember seeing the Six Sister Stuff idea but felt like there some depth/meaning missing. I like your idea a lot more…no offense sisters 1-6.

  2. Kelsie, What is Nate’s love language? If it is not “touch” let me know if you need help coming up with other ideas. I think it is important to give what is important to them. And I wish you could take a pic of the banner hanging. I just can’t get it to look good with all the back light from the windows. I need to learn photography!

    1. Nate’s love language is touch and words of affirmation so I think I’m going to mix the two!

      If we lived closer I totally would come take pictures! I think the pictures look great though! Backlit images are always tricky! You have to try and expose for your subject instead of the background (usually where all the light is).

      Here are some tips that might help you for next time: https://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-photograph-backlit-subjects.html

  3. Cute. Tys love language is touch so maybe iu could just let me borrrow the banner and ill do “the 14 days after Valentines”:).


    1. That would work! I’ve never done the math before but if Valentine’s were day #1, you would finish Feb. 28 which still makes February the month of love. Come get the banner during the day on Valentine’s and you can hang it for Ty before he gets home from work. I will make sure Chad pulls out his gift in the morning.

  4. Love, love, love it!! I’ve been looking around for some 14 days of love ideas that suit. My husband’s love language is touch – I hope you don’t mind, I’m totally copying!! I’m also having a great time looking around your blog. I found you through the confidence cookies (LOVE that idea too!). Thanks for sharing so much goodness!

    1. Your welcome Aliessa! And of course I don’t mind you copying. It actually makes me happy when someone can use my ideas. It makes me feel like it was worth it to put the post together. Good luck! I am pretty sure our husbands will love it!

  5. This is perfect! My husband has the same love language and this is just what I need to help me remember him!

  6. I don’t know how I missed this earlier this year because I read your blog like an addict, but I did and so I am very glad you linked to it today! My husband’s love language is also physical touch and it’s very hard for me to come up with ideas, so this is a great place for me to start for our own relationship! You rock 🙂

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