S Week

Holy smokes! It is S week and it has been spontaneous and super and special and all kinds of superlatives.


We traditionally go swimming for S week, but this time my hubby took Croft skiing for the first time.  She was sold on the snow and the slopes and asked to go back the next day.

We also got to listen to my brother, Tyler Stenson, sing in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. He is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon.  Uncle Tyler also came over one night to serenade us with some of his songs.


Since activities were the spotlight this week, I took the simple way with the food.

We made spinach and strawberry smoothies.  I usually just mix 3 cups spinach, 1 cup milk, 1 cup orange juice, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 frozen banana and whatever extra fruit I want to use up.  My friend told me blueberries are a great way to mask the spinach taste.


There are several sweet S craft options.  You could make snowflakes, do sand art, or use stamps and stickers.  But we decided to make a snowman with supplies we already had on hand.  Croft used a smorgasbord of materials like pom poms, buttons, ribbon, craft sticks, construction paper and paper plates.  I took great satisfaction is watching her little mind work and create.

Here is the special little guy:


Croft stamped the letter S in an S shape.

Locke stamped away too.  Part of the challenge/fun of Letter of the Week is to suck in and satisfy the siblings as well.

Croft also colored her hidden picture.

Click here and here for more S worksheets.

So we will sign off from S week, but not before Sophia comes over to play this morning.  See ya and sayonara!





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