Reminder from Mr. Potato Head

Every time I clean up our Mr. Potato Head toys I am reminded of the principle of “First Things First”.

See, we have 3 Mr. Potato Heads plus attachments and they are in a small bin right now.

In order to fit our Mr. Potato Head toys into the bin, I have to put the large Potato Heads in first, and then add all the small parts and pieces.  Sometimes I have to put parts in the bum compartments in order to close the lid to the bin.

If I just start throwing in pieces and parts, and then try to fit in the large Potato Heads, the lid will not close.

My Mr. Potato Heads got me thinking about my life and my year.  It has the potential to be crazy and busy or extremely boring.  We are renting for now, but we might build, we might buy, or we might stay put.  We don’t know where or when, but we may likely move twice in one year.  Or I could still be here with no walls I can paint and no yard to take care of. With all this uncertainty, I can see life getting away from me and I want to keep grounded and balanced through the upcoming changes.

So I am really trying to put first things first…and in honor of my 3 Potato Heads, I picked 3 tasks to do first in a day:




I am hoping by putting these 3 things first in my day all the other parts of life will fit in around them and I can navigate this unpredictable year with ease.

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  1. I LOVE your blog and I always look forward to reading it. It really gets me thinking during the day. Thank you!

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