New Home Family Night

We recently had a hodge podge family night all based on our new home.  Here are a few topics we discussed:


We discussed our new home’s fire plan.  We reviewed basic fire safety information; then we talked about the different exits available around the house.  The experts say to identify 2 exits out of every room, one being the door.  So that basically leaves the other exit as a window in the kids’ bedrooms.   The kids learned how to open their windows and crawl out if necessary.  Croft is still trying to master the art of just pulling the blinds up, but Crew and Elle have it down.

(Unfortunately, they have been using the window exits all week for fun.)

We also picked an outside meeting location in the front of our house.  The kids had lots of “what if” questions that we tried to address.  This is a good kids fire safety website.  It has information, activities, coloring pages, games, and more.


We all have to memorize a new address (I’m struggling!) so we went over that  few times.  Then we wrote the address on an index card.  Later I taped them to the back of the headrests in the car.  (Elle made this address up for the blog.)

That way they can see the new address and practice it every time we drive.  I did this when Crew and Elle had to learn their address and phone number for kindergarten and it worked great.


We developed an energy saving plan.  You can read more about our light-turn-off plan here.


After going over the practical parts of a new home, we wanted to end our New Home Family Night on a more spiritual note by dedicating our home.  If you think about it libraries are dedicated, hospitals are dedicated, schools and colleges are dedicated as well as churches and temples, so why not your home?  I wish we would have first talked about what we wanted our home to be so that Chad could have some input from the kids before the dedication.  But he still did a great job. We all knelt down together and Chad dedicated our home.  Basically he just said a prayer. He blessed our home to be a safe place from the world, a place of love and kindness, a place where we can grow, learn and prepare.  And he blessed our home to to be a place where the Holy Spirit can dwell.

Even if your home is not new to you, it is never to late too discuss your fire safety plan,  develop an energy saving plan and/or dedicate your home.


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