On Motherhood and God { Intro }

I am doing my first spiritual series (I use that phrase lightly) on my blog entitled “On Motherhood and God”.  There will be 6 parts to the series and I will post one each day this week in honor of Mother’s Day.  Here goes:

God and I haven’t always been on the best of terms. Our relationship started going south in high school after I moved from Wyoming to Oregon.  I often felt like He didn’t like me or at least He liked others better. For sure he liked Her better -she was prettier and more talented. He liked Her better because she was richer and skinnier.  And She was definitely one of his favorites because she was good at anything she tried and all the boys liked her. It seemed like nothing went my way.

My feelings were even more substantiated when I got married, after much conversation with God and with what I thought was His blessing, to a man with an addiction unknown to me until 6 weeks after we were married.  Really God? You couldn’t have let me in on that little secret a few months earlier before I just committed my life to an addict? I was angry to say the least– I felt ‘betrayed’ by God actually.  I pretty much felt like He hated me and wanted me to suffer.

Fast forward a few years… I learned a few lessons, got divorced, learned a few lessons, married the best man on the planet, had children, and learned a few lessons.

Motherhood, more than any other life experience, taught me lessons that changed my relationship with God.  My experiences with my children helped me understand His character and His motives and His perspective better.  “On Motherhood and God” will explore what Motherhood has taught me about God.

Next Post: On Motherhood and God… and Elle

6 thoughts on “On Motherhood and God { Intro }”

  1. We all love the Tiffany you became through all your trials!! Your family pic is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! What a beautiful family. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. So excited to see what you have to say! I can’t wait to check tomorrow…don’t bow out. You truly are an inspiring woman. How about a rain check for that dinner date we were supposed to have last weekend? Talk to you soon!

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