The Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

What mom doesn’t want Mother’s Day to last all year long? Well, I’ve got a cheap, easy and super thoughtful Mother’s Day idea for you that keeps the love coming the whole year. It was my husband’s gift to me last year:

On Mother’s Day, my husband gave me an envelope with a little note inside that said something about me that he loved.  Then he told me that I would get a note every Sunday for a year with more reasons why he loved me.  I looked forward to finding my note every Sunday. He tucked them in a different spot each week for some extra fun.   He dated every envelope and sometimes I would find a month’s worth of notes at a time and  I could only open one a week. Sunday is my last note:(

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

The notes were simple yet sincere.  They ranged from the silly (“I love that you regularly spill food on your shirt”) to the sweet (“You are my best friend”.)  My husband was cute to time the dates of certain notes with special events.  For example, the week I had a huge event to pull off, he wrote “Your attention to detail with big things is unmatched.”  It meant a lot to me that he knew what my stresses were that week.  I saved all the notes in a small photo album so I can reread them regularly.

I love that it is not too late to pull off this sentimental gift for wife, mom, grandma, or mother-in-law.  All you need is some index cards and envelopes.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

I suggest knocking all the notes out in one sitting so that you don’t chance forgetting.  Or at least do a couple of months at a time. Then stash your envelope pile in a drawer and just get one note out every week.  Make sure to keep a running list on your computer of what you wrote so you don’t repeat yourself.

This year we adapted the idea for my mother-in-law because it seems like she already has everything.  Between my husband, my kids and me we came up with 54 love notes for Pam. (I counted all the Sundays from Mother’s Day to Mother’s Day.)  We put them in individual envelopes, dated each one with a Sunday date to help her keep track,  and then bundled the package with a cute bow.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

I hope she likes her love notes as much as I did.

11 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving”

  1. What a sweetheart!

    We did a memory jar that was similar for my Granny, who lives a long way away. She still has the jar of notes and when she is lonely, she digs in for a few.

    I did one with notes of strength for my sister when she was stuck on bedrest with a terrifying pregnancy.

    I don’t think these ever get old, and they aren’t that difficult to make. Great idea, if I could keep track of where I put all of my notes…

  2. Jennifer Kirby

    I love this! Another similar idea I have used is to get a deck of cards & make a cover piece with one of the joker cards, saying “52 things I (or we) love about you”… Then attaching a piece of paper with something we have written to each card. Hole punch the same corner of each card and either put them on a metal ring or use ribbon to put them all together. These kinds of gifts are the best and seem to mean so much to the receiver. It is also blesses the giver(s) by being able to appreciate all the good things about that person.

  3. Oh thanks a lot! How am I supposed to beat that mother’s day gift to Pam? I thought we were in this together? 😉

    1. Hey Ash – I showed this to Bryan earlier today so if he gives it to you for Mother’s Day act VERY surprised!

      1. Ashlee Erickson

        Chad, I would love this gift. And I will do my best acting job possible.

  4. Best. Idea. Ever. I am doing this with my kids on Saturday. Thanks for the inspiration. I was feeling lost for my mom and mother-in-law and you just solved my problem! Once again, you amaze me!

  5. Dang…you always know how to tug at someone’s heart strings and win them over with thoughtful gifts. But nonetheless i think I will do this for my mother in law!
    Thank you Chad and Tiff.

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