Law of Compensation

There is a law in heaven called “The Law of Compensation.” I discovered and named it myself back when Chad was a Bishop in our church, and I was reminded of it again this weekend.

The law basically states that when you are doing all you can do, in the best way you know how, God will step in and fill in the gaps. Using His various methods and tools, he will make whatever needs to happen, happen. Stately simply: When you give Him time; he gives it back.

This weekend was jam packed full of good, worthwhile activities, but way too many to be able to juggle. I woke up Saturday morning with a burden on my shoulders and sense of anxiety about how I was going to do it all.

One son had a baseball double-header over an hour away going south. One daughter had a dance convention over an hour away going north. I was to help my brother move to a new house over an hour away going west. Crew and Chad were also supposed to wash windows for a friend. Taking two cars, staring early and leaning on friends made Saturday’s schedule doable, but there was little room to prepare for Sunday’s crazy schedule.

Sunday’s schedule included Chad speaking in church, me hosting a class presidency meeting at my house (which included breakfast by the way), Locke’s baptismal interview, Crew teaching a lesson, Elle making treats for a fireside, and oh yeah, I was supposed to teach a combined lesson with the 14-15 year old boys and girls in my church on dating. To summarize, Sunday’s schedule included: 2 lessons, 1 talk, 1 interview, 3 sets of treats, and multiple meetings.

We had done what we could the week before, but the week involved a trip to chase totality, the first week of school, and various side-hustles with our kids that we are managing so we hadn’t made much progress.

I was filled with a low-grade anxiety because I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to do it all, but at the same time I had a confidence that everything would work out. I’ve been doing this gig long enough to know that things ALWAYS work out- somehow. I just started to act and move- put one foot in front of the other- and do what I could.

Here is where the Law of Compensation kicked in:

First, a friend stepped in to help me with my daughter’s dance convention so that I didn’t have to go on Saturday. I could see my son’s first baseball game and help my brother move. God uses other people’s time and generosity as his main compensation tool.

Second, on the way down the canyon as we drove to Locke’s baseball games, Crew and I brainstormed topics for his lesson. Crew read a few scriptures and messages, and then an awesome idea came to me quickly. I threw it out to Crew and he loved it, so we were able to use the rest of the car ride south to plan his lesson. The Holy Ghost inspired me early so that we could make progress quickly. Prompting with ideas is another one of God’s time saving tools.

Third, I remembered that I had to make breakfast for a group of girls in the morning. I had all the ingredients for breakfast sandwiches, but thought that fruit would be a nice touch. That is when I remembered that I had an advisor- a helper- that could maybe do the fruit for me. I called her and she agreed to do the fruit for breakfast. I believe that the Holy Ghost brought her to my remembrance to help ease my Sunday burden. Sometimes that is all it takes to save time- remembering and asking.

Lastly, after the double header was over, we all stood in the parking lot of the baseball fields looking at each other. Crew and Chad had to go wash windows 15 minutes away and I had to go help my brother move an hour away. We were all hot and tired from a grueling four hours watching 8-year old boys play baseball for the first time (the ball made contact with the bat at one point and I was cheering as loud as if the batter hit a home-run), and we were just taking a minute to regroup and start on the next part of the day.

It was at that time that I got a message from our window-washing client that he had forgotten and wasn’t home and that we would have to come another time! Instant relief flooded over our whole group. I sent Chad and Crew home in one car with instructions for Crew to review the lesson we had planned to dad on the hour long drive home and get some feedback from him.

I went to my own car to face my evening of driving and unpacking and organizing. I had a 5-hour energy shot stuffed in my side door in case I got desperate. Before I pulled out of the parking lot I checked my phone and, I kid you not, my sister-in-law had texted me and told me I didn’t need to come- that they had made more progress on their move then they thought and they were taking a break and going to dinner. Her words were, “You are off the hook.” I didn’t have to go help my brother move that night.

I was overcome with gratitude and knew in that moment that God knew me. He knew my schedule–my heart–my effort, and He intervened to help me out. He brought other people out in full force to help my brother move so that I wouldn’t have to.

In extreme measures, God actually carves out huge blocks of time for you. Don’t underestimate his ability and methods to compensate. He’ll pull out all the stops if He wants to.

We were all home literally HOURS before we thought we would be. It was still 5:00 PM and we had plenty to do. Elle started making her cookies for the devotional; Chad sat down to work on his talk, and Crew and I gathered all the materials for his lesson. We had so much fun working together on the lesson and my heart was filled with joy that we had TIME and weren’t rushed. We even had time to make a cute display.

Later the boys were able to support a friend at a football game; one daughter went babysitting and the other daughter was recovering from her dance convention. I finally had time to myself to plan my lesson. Once again, the Spirit didn’t make me struggle; He provided me with an idea early that I was excited about: DATING MAD LIBS.

I got to work preparing all the materials for my lesson instead of spending time on trying to decide which direction I should go. My brain worked quickly and clearly accomplishing much in a short time.

The boys came home later and Crew came into my office to see what I was working on. I showed him my dating mad libs and he loved it. He said, “Mom, how do you always come up with the best and funnest teaching ideas?” I replied, “The Spirit, honey. He always has my back.”

I finished my lesson early and had time to make frosting for Elle’s cookies and was still in bed by 10:30 PM.

I went into my Sunday morning much more relaxed, much more prepared, and much more grateful than I started my Saturday morning.

Now I am not suggesting that you over-schedule your life and wait around for God to rescue you. This is not my MO. I am very aware of what I say “yes” to and how much I take on. I ask for help and I say “no” sometimes.

I also do everything in my power to plan ahead as much as possible. I read all the talks I could on dating on Friday as I sat at the dance convention. I asked Crew everyday about his lesson. I sent Chad a resource earlier in the week for his talk. I shopped for the refreshment and breakfast ingredients earlier in the week.

I had done all I could do, but it still wasn’t enough and that is where God stepped in with friends and helpers, inspired ideas, clear thinking, and straight-up cancellations.

I believe strongly in my Law of Compensation. I’m not sure you’ll find it in the scriptures or even in Conference talks, but you will find it in your life. I’ve seen it time and time again.

When you are in the service of your fellow beings, He is in the service of you.

3 thoughts on “Law of Compensation”

  1. Loved this and can totally bear my testimony that we have help especially “after all that we can do”. It is wonderful to watch God work his magic if we allow.

  2. I love this! I’ve felt the law of compensation working often in my life – just didn’t know what to call it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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