I Heart September

Yeah!! It’s September which is officially my favorite month.    Here are all the reasons I heart September:

It is the month that I rest and regroup after summer and before the holidays.

School is back in session and it is still exciting and new to kids, moms, and teachers.

We get back on a schedule.

There are no holidays that I have to decorate for or that I have to buy gifts for.

But there still is a holiday that my husband takes off.

I have no birthday parties to plan.

I can wear my favorite kind of clothes– jeans and cardigans and Toms everyday.

I eat a steady diet of garden tomatoes.

College football season is here. (Go Cougars!!!)

Crew’s clothes still look new- no holes in the jeans yet.

The temperatures are cooler.

The colors change.

I get to watch the season premieres of my favorite shows.

My kids play outside on the tramp more after dinner.

My mom and dad were married in September so that’s where it all started.

Thank you, September. I am going to enjoy my next 30 days.  Hope you do too.

2 thoughts on “I Heart September”

  1. I think you summed it pretty darn good! I wish I was enjoying fresh tomatoes our garden only had one when I picked it the other day!
    Happy September Everyone!

  2. I love September also–for some of the same reasons and some different. Here in AZ we can look forward to temperatures cooling down a little bit. (I wish I was wearing the cardigans!) My almost 11-year-old was born this month–I’m grateful for him. September is always filled with scouting because we are finishing up badges before he goes on to the next age group!
    I am grateful for September…even though I had to deal with child throw up today (Bad news–I had to clean up a lot of bodily liquid today; Good news–At least it was only one of my children and I know it will end soon–it could be worse!)

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