Hooked on Hooks

I am definitely hooked on hooks. In fact, I think I might just have them in every room and closet in my house.  My house is small and hooks add storage space in a cute, yet functional way.

I have hooks in all my kids room hung at the kids’ height.  This way they can put their own things away. The hooks hold everything from coats to hats to purses to backpacks depending on the room.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

I have hooks in my laundry room/mud room off the garage (if you can call it that). This is where I rotate seasonal items.  Right now swim totes, library bags and umbrellas are hanging up, but in the winter this is where we hang our coats and winter gear.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

The hooks in my room hold my fashion accessories- scarves, hats, necklaces, etc.  The hooks are tucked behind my door when it is open.

Photo courtesy of Kelsie Rae Photography

And probably my favorite hooks are outside on the back of my house by my back door.  This is where we hang our beach towels to dry and keep some of our summer hats and toys.

Photo courtesy of ME!

I got my outdoor hooks from Pottery Barn, but I have also bought hooks at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Restoration Hardware, Target, antique stores and garage sales.  Make sure when you hang your hooks that you use good drywall anchors if you can’t hit a stud so that the hooks can hold a lot of weight.

Get hooked too!

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  1. Love these hooks. I have plans for more hooks in the future, as it is truly the perfect way for kids to keep things off the floor! Great post.

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