Chad, the Dad

All Chad wanted for Father’s Day was a nap.  Well, he got his nap (his movie gift basket, his french toast with white bread, his bbq hamburgers, his chocolate chip cookies, and his cards and notes from the kids), but while he was sleeping I wanted to dedicate a post to Chad, the Dad:

Here are some random pictures I had that show what a great dad Chad is.

Not only is Chad the hardest worker I know, but he manages to involve the kids as well in the work.  Here they are planting our garden.

He is patient as they work side by side and he even takes on stray helpers like the neighbor kid whose dad was “too lame to put up their tramp” and my sister’s dog.  We and he know he could do it faster alone, but the kids want to help so he finds ways they can be involved.

And unlike mom, he knows how to have fun along the way.  He’s not burdened by the extra load, but knows that his kids are important too- amongst all the work to be done.

Chad also takes opportunities to teach the kids.  This shot was snapped during an early morning lecture on how we need to clean up the backyard at night because the yard is an extension of our home and we need to take care of our things.  He didn’t yell, he just gathered the children around him, and explained.

He does the hard parenting jobs- the blue thing up the nose, the medicine, the slivers, the breathing treatments,etc. He is sweet and tender, but gets the job done.

I appreciate that even though he has so much to do for work and church,  he takes time to relax and snuggle and read with the kids.  Lately, he picks a special book to read with the older kids.  They finished Treasure Island and now are reading Where the Red Fern Grows.

And most importantly, he loves me.   I know this because he tells me many times a day, he hugs me often, he cares about my blog as much as me, he doesn’t let the kids disrespect me, he raves about my cooking, he thinks I am beautiful, and he even offered to let me share his toothbrush.  He knows, “one of the greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” (Howard W. Hunter)

I am so blessed to be parenting with this guy.  Happy Father’s Day to Chad, the Dad!

5 thoughts on “Chad, the Dad”

  1. Chad the Dad looks like a great guy. I think I sometimes take for granted all of the help and support I get from Special Agent, who could fit in most of your photos. I am definitely not going to pick on him today. 😉

  2. What a sweet post! We love you too Chad, and thanks for your great example – you too Tiff, you guys are amazing at what you do.

    How come it is that Dad’s are so good at involving their kids in the hardest tasks? Something I need to learn. 🙂

  3. This whole post, pics included, left me with a huge smile on my face. I am so grateful to get to know your family better through your blog. Chad was such an amazing friend to me through high school, when I needed it the most, and his example still carries on nearly 20 years post high school!

  4. Chad the Dad is so great! That is exactly what Tommy and I talked about on our drive home from your house the other night. You BOTH are amazing and deserve it all!

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