Regroup and Refuel

I am taking this week off from “Letter of the Week”.  Sometimes you just need to regroup and refuel. (And as a heads up, I plan on taking a week off in November for Thanksgiving and the whole month of December off to fully embrace Christmas.)

Although I don’t have a letter post, I still wanted to share a few thoughts about Letter of the Week that have been going through my mind:

1. There is no timeline. You could do Letter of the Week in 26 weeks or it could take two years.  You are not held to any schedule. Just move at your own pace.  We finally hiked to the Y this summer for Crew’s Y week although I started his Letter Weeks two years ago.  But my philosophy is, “better late than never”.

2. Define your own week. This sort of goes along with #1 but sometimes the week starts on Monday, sometimes Sunday, and in the case of F week it started on Saturday.  Hey, I wasn’t going to pass up the FALL FAMILY FESTIVAL with FACE painting on a technicality.  And you could even do the letters out of order if that worked with your schedule better or combine letters one week if you need to.  (I hope to HIKE to the G and call it good for both G and H weeks).  I have been known to spend 1 day on one letter (does X really deserve its own week?) and 2 weeks on another. Do as much or as little as you want; you are in control.

3. Involve your child in the decisions and planning.  This will actually make it easier because they don’t think as complicated as we do.  Croft just wanted to do something FUN for F week and she wants to go to a really HOT place for H week.   Since Hawaii is out of the picture, maybe it will just be a HOT TUB.

4.  Take pictures. Don’t worry about what you are going to do with the pictures right now -we’ll figure that out on another post.  Just take pictures of activities, cooking, crafts and moments.  You won’t regret it.  I am actually grateful because Letter of the Week has sort of forced me to take pictures that I might otherwise pass over.  I carry a camera with me now because even a blurry picture from B week can be priceless:

5. Get the School house print font on your computer.  Or you can always download my pdf, but it would be nice just to have this primary font on your computer.  I like how it shows spacing and height, but it also forms the letters the way the kids learn it.  It doesn’t have fancy a’s or g’s etc.

6. Please leave a comment. If you are doing Letter of the Week at your house, I would love for you to comment on my blog under the letter post and tell me something you did.  Readers often have great ideas and the comment section under a specific letter could just be an extension of that Letter Week blog post.  My philosophy here is “the more the merrier“. I plan to do Letter of the Week again with Locke in a couple of years and would love some new ideas, so please share!

7.  Let regular life work for you. When you are leading a full mom life of activities and cooking and projects and field trips etc. you are already doing activities than can be tweaked to fit in the Letter Weeks.  You already make meals so it doesn’t take much more to make enchiladas E week; it just takes a little planning.

And maybe an observing eye and manipulation of the English language. We were up at my sis’s condo for FALL Break and we went on a little hike.  We came to a FISH pond.  I said, “What a  FUN way to end F week — FINDING FISH.”

Finding Fish

If it were S week I could have said we “SKIPPED STONES” or W week we went on a “WALK”or I week we ate “ICECREAM”.  See we did all those things, but I just mentioned the FISH because it was F Week.

Letters are everywhere in your daily life.  Once you start looking you will find them.

8. Put it out there. You put your desire to do Letter of the Week out there to the universe and the universe meets you back.  No, seriously, it does. I know I’m going all “The Secret” on you, but just try it.  It is the principle of “If you build it, they will come.”

Like when my mother-in-law called me to go up the canyon for some dinner and smores.  She had no idea it was C week, she just invited us to do something.  So I tweaked the invite to say we were going up the CANYON to have a CAMPFIRE with COUSIN COLE.  C week activity- check.

And Crew’s X-RAYS scheduled 6 months earlier just happened to fall on his X week.  No joke.

None of these activities were pre-planned or orchestrated or coordinated with the letter– it just worked out.  Basically I am saying that it is not as hard as you might think to come up with cooking, crafts and activities.  The Letter Gods (or family or friends) end up helping you out.

9. Remember what it’s really about.  Letter Weeks are about bonding, memories, experiences, learning, laughs, growth, and fun!

I’ve enjoyed this week off to regroup and refuel.  And now I can hit G week with a full tank.

3 thoughts on “Regroup and Refuel”

  1. Years ago, I found an idea to send Grandma (or whomever you choose)a postcard that started with A and ask her to send one back that starts with B. Then you send her one for C, etc. I thought it was a cute idea and knew my kids would love getting mail. We’ve never lived near family so I thought it would be fun for Grandma as well. Unfortunately, Grandma didn’t get into it. She sent the kids a pile of random postcards in one package and the game was over. However, I still think it’s a fun idea and could easily be incorporated into your letter weeks.

  2. I did letter of the week with Kira last year. I just asked her what her favorite thing we did was ahd she said, “the OBSTACLE course and going to the Land of OBEY.” I seperate the vowels so A,E,I,O & U all get two weeks. She seemed to get it easier. We also seperated the sounds so it wasn’t two weeks in a row of “O”. When Rora gets ready to do the letter of the week I plan on looking back at your fun ideas!

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