Witches Broom Craft

I got asked to do a “craft that involved some food” for my daughter’s 4th grade class’s Halloween party.  I went into my “Holiday Ideas Notebook”  (the days before Pinterest) and pulled out an idea I’d saved from Martha Stewart Living. It was a witches broom made from paper bags.

I tried this craft with Elle’s Kindergarten class and it was way too difficult for that age. I am pretty sure the 4th graders can handle it though.

SUPPLIES  (per child):

2 brown lunch sacks

3-4 cups popped popcorn (Martha used candy corns, but I think they get enough candy this time of year. Plus popcorn is a lot cheaper and takes up more space.)

about 9-12 inches of ribbon or toole

branch or stick 1 to 2 feet long

The trickiest part of this craft is finding the sticks. The length doesn’t have to be exact.  You just want ones that aren’t too pokey or too dirty.  You can always cut some in half also. Elle and I went for a hike last weekend and we looked for sticks along the way.  We came up with a pretty good stash.


1. Unfold one bag and push out its base while folding in the left and right sides.  This is bag #1. (This would be a good time to have the kids write their names on the bottom of the bag.)

2.  Using scissors, cut skinny strips all the way up to the original fold line on the bottom, but make sure to not cut through the base. (The skinnier the strips the cuter the bag looks.  I got mine too wide, but I am too lazy to redo,so learn from my mistakes.)

3. Cut 1″ thin strips at the top of bag #2.

4. Fill bag #2 full of 3-4 cups popped popcorn.

5. Set bag #2 in the middle of bag #1.

6. Put stick inside inner bag and adjust to the height you want.  Bring paper strips up.  Tie with toole, twine or ribbon.  ( I used about 12″ of toole and it made a knot.)

I hope we have enough time for the children to do the work.  They can choose a stick, cut the bags, measure their own popcorn, fill their bag, measure and cut their own ribbon, and tie the bow.  That way every broom will be unique and the kids really get to participate.

I caught Croft flying around the house with my example last night so at least we know it looks like a broom.


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