O Week

I should have known President Obama was going to get reelected this week.  Because it is O week after all!  And the Letter Gods love me like that. If it were R week it might have been a different outcome.


We opened O week with good old fashioned oatmeal and brown sugar.  Then later in the week we tried a Snickerdoodle version of oatmeal.  Click here for the recipe.

And O week just isn’t O week without making homemade Oreos.

Photo courtesy of Edible Crafts


We decided to take some Oreos to our new baby, Owen Oooh... he’s a cutie.

Later in the week, the kids organized an obstacle course outside.  They jumped over coolers, did cartwheels and somersaults; they kicked a soccer ball and did a trick on the tramp.  They weaved through cones and jumped rope and rode their scooter around the cul-de-sac.


Besides coloring her hidden O picture, Croft made an octopus.  This is the one that I made as an example.

But she is very obstinate and wanted to craft in her own way.  She opted to fold instead of curl and she did not understand why there would be a whole in the middle of an octopus.

Either option works.


Click here and here for O letter worksheets.

Our outstanding O week is officially over!  So we’re off and moving on to P week.

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  1. Just think, if you hadn’t taken a couple of weeks off you would have been in R week. Oh, what might have been. I just want you to know I love your blog and especially for your honesty and creativity. It is who you are. Don’t let naysayers or political correctness muddy the waters. Love you!

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