45 Days / 45 Boxes

Some people use drugs, food, alcohol, Diet Coke, or sex to self medicate.

I choose to clean and organize.

And last night I needed to self medicate.  So I started cleaning and organizing.

I managed to talk my husband into joining me and we decided on a crazy idea:

45 days / 45 boxes

See we still haven’t fully moved into our home.  We moved a year ago and just left a lot still unpacked or unorganized or in a corner.  But I can’t take it any more, so Chad and I are going to go through one box, one bin, one cupboard, one room, one space OR one drawer every day for 45 days.

Why 45 days?

Because Christmas just happens to be 45 days from tomorrow.

I told him I do not want to bring more toys, books, clothes, and stuff  into this home until the stuff that we do have is  unpacked, dejunked, put away and organized.  He agreed.

So we started last night.  We went through the box that has sat in front of his dresser for almost a year now.  (See this post.)

I also went through Locke’s ‘CARS’ bin and got rid of some old toys.  Now the lid shuts.

To help motivate and remind us, I put up 45 post-it notes on an obscure wall in our home out of the reach of small hands.

Every time we organize, unpack or dejunk a box or bin, we get to take a post-it note down.  I will officially start counting down tomorrow.

Our own advent calendar if you will.

Can’t wait to tackle the next item – the church bag-  today because I still need to self medicate.


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