I Week

We intended to spend I week in Idaho with my very intelligent yet insane family.  However, Crew fell ill and so we had to improvise our own Thanksgiving at home with just our little family.  Luckily, my husband insisted on cooking.

Here is your I to print:


Of course, I Week would be incomplete without icecream.  We attempted to make our own icecream in individual baggies.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make icecream in a bag.

If hand tossed icecream isn’t your thing, you can always simply eat an icecream cone.

Or go to Iceberg for icecream.

If you are looking for health, try iceberg lettuce or if you are itching for a multicultural experience go with Italian or Indian food.

Thanks to Dad, Croft inadvertently went to IN-N-OUT for I week.  (IHOP would have worked too.)


We made igloos! We used marshmallows and frosting and a Styrofoam cup.

(I wish I would have thought of a cone instead of a cup before I got home from the store.  That would have made the whole igloo edible.)

Then Croft cut a door in her igloo.

She frosted the cup and added marshmallows.

There was a lot of licking and munching as she worked her way towards the finished product.


We tried an ice science experiment.  (This idea was the result of a fight between Elle and her friend when they were itty bitty.  Elle insisted that ice and water where the same thing and her friend disagreed.  Rather than take my child’s side, we did this experiment.)

I put some ice cubes in a glass and had Croft make a prediction about what would happen to the ice.  She guessed it would melt and that it would turn into water.  I had her use a washable marker to predict the amount of water there would be after the ice melted.  We observed the ice melt off and on for about an hour.   There was much less water in the end than she thought. We talked about how ice and water are the same thing just that one is solid and one is liquid.

We also played “Break the Ice” – a fun and easy game for preschoolers.

If you have the time, means, patience (and lower back strength), ice skating would be an incredible I week activity.

I week wasn’t in Idaho as originally planned, but we still had an interesting and injoyable 🙂 week.

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  1. We really missed you in Idaho–we didn’t have a good boy to girl ratio for Kate. I am sorry you were ill at your house and couldn’t participate in the turkey bowl to represent the girls. We had an incredible time, thanks to the Reddings. The weather cooperated so nicely for all our festivities and travel. Great memories!

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