The Best Thing I Ever Did

OK. The best thing I ever did was marry my wonderful, kind, selfless husband.  (He helped me clean up throw-up at 3:30 am yesterday. And he went to Breaking Dawn with me last night.) 12 years later, I still think he may be too good to be true.  Happy Anniversary to us!

But perhaps the second best thing I ever did was move my cups, plates and bowls down to a bottom cupboard so my kids could reach them.

I only had to rearrange a few items to make room.  I moved my glass baking dishes and serving bowls up because I was the only one that used those and then I moved our everyday use plates, bowls and cups and our kids’ stuff down.  I did keep my fancy plates and glass cups in the higher cupboards to keep them safe.

This was an awesome idea because now…

My kids can unload the dishwasher basically by themselves.  Locke, my 2 year old, even helped me unload it the other day.

My kids can set the table without any help from me.

My kids can get themselves a drink of water when they are thirsty.

The neighbor kids even know where the cupboard is and they just help themselves to a drink too.

Croft can get her own bowl of cereal from start to finish, when she doesn’t like what is for breakfast.  (That’s my rule. If you aren’t going to eat what I make, you are on your own.)

So if you want to save yourself time in the long run (and help your kids be more independent), take some time to rearrange your cupboards and move plates and cups down to a kid level.

It just may be the 2nd best thing you ever do.

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

  1. And the 3rd best thing you did was have a mini Tiffany(Elle). How awesome to have a daughter who is supportive and also can tell you when to buck up? Haha

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