F Week

When Croft saw that it was F week on the family chalkboard, her eyes lit up and she said, “Mom, I know what we can do for F week! We can do something FUN!” I hope the week met her expectations.

Here is your F to print:


The letter Gods smiled down and had the school schedule their Fall Family Festival for my F week where Croft got her face painted and the whole family had fun . Plus it was Fall Break this week.

(My favorite part of this picture is how sweet Crew is being with Locke on the left to get him up the stairs.)

Don’t fret if your school doesn’t accommodate you as nicely.  You could always go to the fire station, a farm, fishing, a football game or take a drive to enjoy the fall leaves.


There are a few F craft options.  You could finger paint or make felt flowers.  We followed this tutorial and made our own version of  paper flowers.

I helped all of Croft’s preschool friends make one and then we put them in a mason jar with a bow for their teacher’s birthday.

Croft also made a fish out of fusion art.

Click here for complete instructions to make this foam core F.



I made homemade french fries which were a total flop. I attempted this recipe from Our Best Bites but ended up frustrated.  Maybe it’s because I used yams instead of sweet potatoes.  Oops.

We also feasted on fish, fried chicken, franks, fried eggs and plenty of fresh fruit throughout the week.


Since it was Fall Break we took a break from any formal learning.  But you can still go on a letter walk or click here for printable worksheets.

It doesn’t matter what you do for F week, just have FUN!

P.S. I am taking next week off from the Letter of the Week so we can enjoy Halloween festivities.

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  1. You are fantastically funny and full of fabulous festive fun–continue to forward future frivolities. (In otherwords, I enjoyed the tutorial–thanks very much–and keep the greatness coming!)

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