D Week

D week has kind of been a downer.  The weather has been dreary and I’ve temporarily lost the drive.  Plus Croft was sick for part of the week, but we did it anyway:

Here is your D to download:


The highlight of the week was our homemade donuts which I have never dared make before.  But thanks to D week, we did. We used this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Donuts over at Blue-Eyed Bakers.

Well, I have blue eyes too, but my donuts didn’t look nearly as darling as theirs.  But they sure tasted delicious.

We did double donuts this week and not much health.  Dang it! Click here if donuts just aren’t part of your diet and you want to actually try some healthy D food options.


Just Croft got to go with dad to buy donuts. (This was before we decided to make donuts another day.)

Dad took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum this afternoon while mom went out and spent some dinero on darling decor.


Croft did dot drawings for her cousin, Darin, with Do A Dot markers. We mailed the drawings to him since he lives far away.

(I just discovered these dot markers and they are dang awesome for little dudes.  Actually, my 6 & 9 year olds loved them too.  They are a little hard to find though- check an educational supply store or buy them on line.)


Like I said it was a down week, so we didn’t go on a letter walk.  But if you did, you might find a door, desk, dog, diapers, dishwasher, dishes, drum, doughnut, dryer, or dresser.

Despite our down days, we managed to pull off a decent D week after all.

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  1. my google reader sometimes doesn’t post your current blog postings. I don’t know why…anyways I hadn’t read this entry yet. Darin was dang excited to get Crofts dot pictures in the mail the other day. He said, “she likes to draw pictures, just like me.” He has been drawing and coloring pictures non stop for the last month. I figured it was for D week and I checked on your blog and there are a few posts that I haven’t seen yet on my google reader. weird.
    So cute, thanks for thinking of Darin!

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