Halloween Scrapbook

I am willing to bet that many of you have tons of photos on your computer that ain’t never going to see the light of day.

I am the same way. And since I’ve long given up the dream of trying to scrapbook all of my kids’ lives, I came up with a more realistic project for myself.  I am just going to do small theme based projects instead.

My first themed scrapbook is Halloween.  I wanted to put all the Halloween pictures from over the years in photo albums and display those albums during October so that my kids can enjoy the pics for years to come.  I mean can you imagine this pic never getting printed?

And if the albums are going to be on display, then they have to be cute.  So I shopped around and found these perfect black glittered 8×8 photo albums at Hobby Lobby.  Each page holds 2- 4×6 photos. (These rarely go on sale, so I used the weekly 40% off coupon each time I went in there. Did you know that you can just show them the coupon on your phone?  Yeah! for less paper at my house!)  I like this size because I can fill it and little hands can hold it.  (Here is a link to buy the albums online.)

I bought some extra albums so I can add to my collection as the years go on.

Although I loved the black glitter, the pink flower screamed 10 year old, so I covered the flowers with cute Halloween crafts.  My SIL sewed this flower with orange ribbon.  And then I added a burlap leaf with burned edges and gray ribbon.  I just hot glued everything over the pink flower.

Although this flower is not practical at all, it is too cute.  We’ll see how long it holds up.  I made it from 6 scalloped circles stapled in the middle and then crunched up. I alternated orange designed card stock with dictionary pages. I glittered the scalloped edges with Stickles brand glitter.

I typed up the year on Kraft paper using a Halloween font and slid it into the photo opening on the cover.

The hardest part of this project was deciding which pictures to print. So I printed way more than I needed.  I figured I’d use the extra pictures to make an album for grandma or let my kids pin them up on their display boards.

I divided the years with decorated scrapbook paper that I just glued up the side of the page.  That is the extent of the scrapbooking.  The pictures are what is most important.

Now the albums are a part of my Halloween decor and I hope the kids have fun looking at us dressed up over the years.  And when October is over, the albums will go in plastic bins with the rest of the Halloween decor.

I hope you will be inspired to get those Halloween pics off the computer and out in your living room for your kids to laugh at and remember the good times!

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  1. Wow, whoever sewed that orange flower is amazing;) I really need to do this. I just need to build up the motivation. *sigh*

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