Things are Looking UP

My mom is officially done with all of her cancer treatments!  Yeah!

Now this does not mean that she is all good.  She is still bald and way tired and her body hurts and she is emotionally drained. She still has a long road ahead of her to find a new normal, but the chemo and radiation are done.  And that is worth celebrating!

So we threw a party.

A “Things are Looking UP” party.

We played off the movie UP and used lots of balloons around the yard.

We wrote different UPs on some of the balloons to acknowledge how the guests have helped my mom: Lifted Up, Cheered Up, Drove Up, Helped Up, Cleaned Up, and Buoyed Up were some of our UPs.

We served sherbert & 7-UP floats along with different kinds of cookies and bars.

We said “thanks” to all those that helped my mom.

But my favorite part of the party was the service banner that my mom made. She wanted to note all the different acts of service that were performed for her throughout her cancer.  So she wrote them all down on small flag pennants and sewed them together.  We strung the services around the yard.