I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  We had a late night, Locke was up a few times in the night, I wasn’t feeling well and my allergies were kicking my butt.  Once I managed to roll out of bed, I declared it a cereal morning.  My kids whined and complained, “It’s a holiday.  We should have a nice breakfast.”

I could see their point.  I told them I was willing to do a nice breakfast but I needed everyone’s help to pull it off.  If it’s just mom; then it’s just cereal.  But if everyone pitches in we can do more.  They agreed.


Dad made the rolly pollies (Stenson family crepes).

I made the buttermilk syrup.

Elle set the table and filled the glasses with milk.

Crew and Croft emptied the dishwasher.

Locke sat in his booster chair waiting for food.

As we were all working together, I felt a real sense of teamwork.  I stopped everyone mid task and said, “Right now we are all working as a team and it feels good.  Thank you for your help.”

Then later as we were enjoying our breakfast we talked about what T.E.A.M means- Together Everyone Achieves More.  It is cheesy, but true.  And this morning we all achieved more (crepes instead of cereal) because we worked together as a team.

Have fun with your T.E.A.M. today. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. It makes such a difference when everyone works together. I noticed this on Sunday when we all worked together to get dinner on the table after church. There were good attitudes because everyone was excited to eat sooner and it felt really good! It can be miserable to try and do everything yourself and have complaints of hunger popping up. If my patience hasn’t worn too thin I try to say “Would you like to help so we can eat sooner?” Your “rolly pollies” with buttermilk syrup look delicious–are you giving out recipes?

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