One More Day

I wrote this post when Crew was in Kindergarten but I never published it.

Then as I was cleaning out old school papers last week I found his little book and I remembered this post:

“It was one more day of sick kids. My daughter had strep throat and my baby had a nasty virus where he needed breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. All he wanted me to do was hold him. I couldn’t clean my house, make dinner, work on the computer or make a phone call. Now I am all for a good snuggle day, but clingyness hour after hour and day after day wears on me. I felt powerless, useless and bored and I wanted to throw in the towel.

Then my older son got home from school and showed me a book he wrote called “Getting To Know You”.  There was one sentence per page.  My translations are in parentheses.

Im 5 yers olde. (I am 5 years old.)

I like sosije.  (I like sausage.)

I like bakin. (I like bacon.)

I like to rede  book.  (I like to read books.)

I like schooll. (I like school.)

I have a best frend I almost play with him every day.  (I have a best friend. I play with him every day.)

My birthday is on May 51. (My birthday is May 15.)

and as I turned to the very last page of my son’s little book, I read …

I love my mom.

My heart melted.  Crew saved me for last. I made the list with sausage and bacon.  And he likes everything else, but he loves me.

With the reading of just one sentence, I knew I could do this parenting thing one more day.”

As I reread this post to publish it I could still relate.  Locke got his tonsils out last week and I have been his biotch nursemaid for 2 weeks and I am not getting much done. (Please don’t make me watch Cars one more time.)

Luckily, I read a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson in the middle of the chaos that helped me keep my perspective.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

And sometimes I have to remind myself that snuggling a sick baby, packing a school lunch, reading a bedtime story, or listening to a girl drama story are those little seeds that we plant each day.  Many days as parents we don’t harvest a darn thing, but I would bet we all planted seeds.

Hang in there, one more day!


4 thoughts on “One More Day”

  1. Love this. Last night FHE slowly started to unravel before my eyes and I had to think, this is worth it right? One more day…

    Was thinking of Locke, how did the surgery go for him?

  2. You are so wise. I’ve actually never heard that quote before. Definitely hits home for me. I love your blog. Pam told me about it a few weeks ago and I’m so glad. You inspire me! Thanks for being so honest and smart!

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