Big Day Tomorrow

Mormon Mondays are taking a week off because tomorrow is the big day around these parts! The first day of school!

And we’ve been making preparations.

We got our swim totes down and our back packs up.  The fridge and pantry are freshly stocked with lunch items.  School supplies are bought.  Closets are cleaned out. We’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get back on a sleep schedule.  Today we meet the teachers.

And tonight we are doing our annual Back to School Family Night with Father’s Blessings and Confidence Cookies.

We made our school year journals yesterday.  Since we didn’t fill up last years journals we just flipped them over, covered the backs and are now writing from the back to the front.   I like to write down their school year Father’s blessings in these journals so they can reference the blessings all year.

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest that I think is cute.

So I bought the mini size cans of 7UP to go with the message.  I am still not sure if I am doing it or not or giving them away.  But you could talk about all of these “Ups” for Family Home Evening or do one a day for a week.

 And of course the first day of school is not complete without, the first day of school picture.

My friend did this cute picture with her daughter last year and I plan on copying her this year.  Thanks Heather!

Now I just gotta print out the different years for my kids for the picture frame and I think I might be ready for the new school year to begin.

Happy back to schedule school!

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