Motherhood Adrenalin

I was visiting Hawaii one summer with my cousins and we went to the Toilet Bowl at Hanauma Bay one day.  There was a swimming hole where you dived in, swam through a small, narrow cave for some time, and then you ended up out in the ocean.  It was a little risky because once you went in you couldn’t come up for air and the only way out was through.  Plus you had to time your entry just right with the water current otherwise you would be swimming against the incoming current.  I was the only one of my cousins that would do it.  And they all thought I was crazy.

My Old School Scrapbook

But I don’t do crazy stuff like that anymore because I have no need for adrenalin.  Motherhood gives me all the adrenalin rushes I need.

For example…

Fixing a pretty decent dinner when there was really nothing in the fridge to begin with.

Sleeping in way too long on  a Sunday, but still getting myself and 4 kids ready and to church on time.

Standing as far away from the garage’s garbage can as possible, but still making a basket with the poopy diaper.

Coming up with an awesome game for the class party with one days notice.

Sneaking in to the kids’ bedrooms and playing the Tooth Fairy without getting caught.

Fitting in the lunch dishes in the dishwasher when by all accounts the dishwasher was full.

Starting the Science Fair project the day or two before it is due and taking third place.

Calling babysitters because I just realized I need to leave in 15 minutes, but I forgot to get a babysitter.

And my latest adrenaline rush: Easter baskets.  I never actually went Easter shopping, but I had bought stuff here and there all year long. So I just decided to wing it the night before and see if I could “make it work” with what  I had on hand.

What a rush…

As you can see, I don’t need to seek out other adventures. Motherhood brings its own opportunities for adrenalin.

2 thoughts on “Motherhood Adrenalin”

  1. How about…
    Trying to slip a shower in before your baby wakes up.
    Getting kids to 3 different practices and still feed your baby dinner on time (not to mention the rest of the family)
    Getting 5 kids out the door for school on time with in only a half hour.
    Fishing legos out of your baby’s clutches before she ingests it…that’s a rush!

    I hear ya on Easter baskets…we went out late Sat. and it was a joke…we were just buying stuff. Poor planning.

    Just as you said your cousins thought you were crazy…I feel like so many mothers look at me and think the same thing. I hope some see inspiration, but lets be honest, what are they really thinking? I look at you and see inspiration, so thank you for your example!!

  2. Or taking multiple pans of cupcakes out of the oven yelling “Hot! Hot! No touch!” with your daredevil daughter standing beside you and slowly inching her way closer to the oven door while staring you straight in the eyes. That’s a mix of adrenaline and anger.

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